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In The News-Weekend Edition-May 9, 2020
Posted May 09 2020 8:06AM

·       An epic Week in Pictures from Powerline.

·       Well, this is interesting, isn’t it? I think the “rule of law” is what these people are worried about. Obama says in private call that ‘rule of law is at risk’ in Michael Flynn case. Yeah, right. The fact show that that the Obama administration ignored the rule of law widely and at will. When the GOP takes back the House in November, I expect there will be some very interesting investigations convened. 53 Transcripts were released and what is interesting is that all of the people who had been all over the networks claiming evidence of collusion admitted that they had none. It was total nonsense with no basis in reality. I don’t believe Americans will be satisfied until they start to see indictments of those responsible. It seems clear that over the past week there has been a decided shift in the Force.   

·       Atty. Gen. Barr Speaks. There should be a lot more to come. Gen. Flynn’s response was great. He hugged the incredible Sidney Powell, his attorney, and posted a Tweet of his grandson reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. If you are of a certain age you’ll remember the lead in serials that used to show before the feature when you went to the movies as a child. One of my favorites was The Shadow. “Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts and minds of men? The Shadow Knows.” Well, now anyone who can read should know if they aren’t totally bloated on the Kool-Aid being dished out by the press, hysterical liberals and Democrats unwilling to accept the facts. This has been a long time coming and we have only scratched the surface. A slap on the wrist is not enough and I don’t believe will be accepted by the masses. As an aside, CBS might want to re-think this project based on Comey’s book.  

·       She’s only one of many. An Obama Defense official has admitted that she lied about possessing evidence of collusion. Released transcripts show Evelyn Farkas fessed up under questioning by Trey Gowdy. This lying liar was an Under Secretary of Defense under Obama. She’s currently running for Congress in New York’s 17th district.

·       Buckle up everybody. It’s about to get ugly. I certainly hope he is right.

·       I’m becoming a big fan of President Trump’s new Press Secretary, Kayleigh McEnaney. She does an excellent job of summarizing the events leading up to the DOJ’s dropping the case against Gen. Flynn. Just as she did in her beatdown of the insipid journalist who asked the ridiculous question about the administration’s response to the Wuhan Virus, she takes no prisoners.

·       Every American owes a huge debt to Sidney Powell whose relentless defense of Gen. Flynn caused the release of the documents showing just how seditious and perfidious the behavior of the DOJ and FBI was.  

·       Jim Comey had a self-righteous, tone-deaf Tweet following the announcement that the DOJ was dropping the case against Ge. Flynn. The Trump War Room’s rapid answer tore him a new one. Comey was right about one thing.  The country is hungry for honest, competent leadership. That’s why he was fired and is now busy lawyering up. Let’s see how he likes a taste of what he inflicted on Gen. Flynn and others.  

·       Personally, I loved President Trump’s reaction to the DOJ’s dropping the Flynn case. He said what many feel. He was justifiably enraged as were most Americans who realize what a true scandal of historic proportion we have witnessed.

·        San Francisco is trying hard to take care of their less fortunate residents by delivering Opiods, Booze and Cigarettes to their homeless population that is sheltering in place due to the Wuhan Virus. I tried to place an order but they wouldn’t deliver to Tennessee.

·       About all you need to know about the Left in one headline. I Believe Tara Reade. I’m Voting For Joe Biden, Anyway. You’ll remember that people who wouldn’t allow Bill Clinton to babysit their 18-year old daughter nevertheless voted for him.  Diane Feinstein and Amy Klobuchar were quick to abandon #MeToo. There is apparently a new #MeToo movement.  

·       Heck of a metaphor, but hard to argue with it. Tonight Show Host Provides Linda Lovelace-Level Lip Service to Andrew Cuomo.

·       Think maybe calling 911 on the Ice Cream Man is a little over the top?

·       Is there a sentient being on God’s green earth who ever thought otherwise? BOMBSHELL: Obama Knew of Flynn Wiretaps, Declassified Documents Show. Did someone say something about a ‘scandal free’ administration. That’s the Dopeler Effect in action once again. The Left relies on it.

·       Slow Joe struggled through another virtual rally in his inimitable style. I’m thinking there is no way his hospice keepers will allow him to step on the debate stage with President Trump. It would be like Richard Simmons stepping into the ring with Muhammad Ali. Full on Rope-A-Dope.

·       A little food for thought that points out how evil and biased the media is. Consider the following:


Florida: 21,500,000

New York: 19,500,000

Wuhan Virus Cases:

FL: 38,828

NY: 337,421

Wuhan Virus Deaths:

FL: 1,600

NY: 26,365

Guess who they celebrate as a hero? The guy with the most deaths in the entire country by 10-20X. Guess who they demonize for reopening? The guy that did one of the best jobs during the pandemic. Do you see the scam, yet?

·       Bankruptcy for States that have woefully and willfully mismanaged their finances? Glenn Reynolds suggestion is that states that declare bankruptcy should revert to territory status for five years and existing elected officials should be ineligible to serve in any capacity or draw a state pension during that time. Let’s see how that flies? I kind of like it, particularly the last part about which there should be no argument.

·       Dear Governor. A short clip done by a Wisconsin banker that could easily apply to a lot more politicians.

·       Is the press just venal or too lazy and incompetent to fact check? Probably both