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In The News for Monday, January 10, 2022
Posted Jan 10 2022 6:35AM

·       Powerline’s Week in Pictures: Dating Game Edition. A good one this week.

·       Two minutes that EVERYONE should watch.

·       I think it is safe to say that the right won the Jan. 6th meme war. No Contest! And the media beclowned itself. Not to let the day go to waste, the FBI held an annual Jan.6th Reunion. Imbecile Alert! Not to be outbeclowned, Kamala Harris compared Jan. 6 to Pearl Harbor and 9/11. I think it is safe to say that the left failed miserably if their aim was to get everyone stirred up.

·       Related: There’s A Reason No One Likes Kamala Harris. Worth reading for the mataphors alone.

·       According to Brit Hume: This may be the best thing yet written on Covid and vaccinations. Very thoroughly researched, very balanced and very interesting. Long, but worth the read.

·       Tom Cotton corrects WAPO fact check. WAPO and Fact Check seem like a contradiction.

·       Oral arguments in the COVID mandate case currently in front of the Supreme Court had to be postponed when Justice Sotamayor got the gavel stuck up her nose again. Some of her comments were utter nonsense. Not an intellect.

·       Cooking tip: If Bacon does not solve the problem, then more Bacon must be added.

·       Zogby Poll shows that 60% of Americans want less government interference in our lives while 21% want more.

·       These things are showing up everywhere. I finally ordered a supply.

·       Baldwin Around The Bend. Pretty bizarre!

·       Mark Elias is the Democrat lawyer who pushed the false Russia dossier knowing it  to be fake. He isn’t happy with a Washington Examiner cover and social media lit up when he complained.

·       Californians leaving for Texas so rapidly U-Haul ran out of trucks