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In The News for Thursday, November 19, 2020
Posted Nov 19 2020 7:48AM

·       And the hits just keep on coming. Third Georgia County finds memory stick with uncounted votes. Think maybe there needs to be an audited recount? In Dekalb County a simple math error? Here is a statistical anomaly that defies belief. Read and make up your own mind.

·       The Babylon Bee weighs in on student loans. Hard-Working Plumber Looking Forward To Paying For His Neighbor’s Gender Studies Degree.

·       From Genesius Times, the most reliable source of fake news on the planet: Hillary demands to know why DNC didn’t cheat this hard for her.

·       Zuckerberg and Feinstein discuss the “U.S. Ministry of Truth” Program.  

·       Lawsuit claims that over 15,000 people voted in both Nevada and another state. MSM: Nothing to see here.

·       Princeton Professor hacks Dominion voting machine in seven minutes.  

·       Bad mistake. It just fuels the ridiculousness. Never apologize to these snowflakes. Cracker Barrel apologizes after patron snaps photo of what could loosely be described as a noose hanging from ceiling.

·       To Sen. Tom Cotton: Please, please stand solid in this promise. Cotton says NO to Susan Rice for anything should Biden become the next president. “No, I cannot imagine a Republican Senate confirming Susan Rice to any position. Remember that Susan Rice is the ‘Typhoid Mary’ of the Obama Administration foreign policy. Every foreign policy disaster of the Obama Administration…has Susan Rice as the central player in it.”

·       I pointed out yesterday that Republicans won 25 contested races. They actually have so far won all 27 that were listed as toss-ups.

·       Good news for my friend in Mississippi. Governor proposed doing away with state income tax. In the words of Milton Friedman, “I am in favor of cutting taxes under any circumstances and for any excuse, for any reason, whenever it’s possible.”

·       Danish study questions use of masks. It failed to document protection from the virus.

·       Nearly 50,000 Doctors and Scientists Sign Anti-Lockdown Proclamation. It is knows at the Barrington Declaration and has been censored on a lot of social media and hardly reported at all by the mainstream media. Unfortunately, we are in a position where politicians are making decisions instead of those who actually know what they are talking about.

·       Gee, I know we’ll all find this surprising. Former President Obama claims that the late John McCain used to disparage fellow Republicans to him in private