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In The News for Monday, December 21, 2020
Posted Dec 20 2020 10:27PM

·       For those of you interested in getting into some of the esoteric market studies, I recommend Chris Ciovacco’s weekend update. I find his historical studies of past market behavior very helpful. Why study market history? Chris tags a very apropos Bible verse, Ecclesiastes 1:9: What has been is what will be, and what has been done is what will be done, and there is nothing new under the sun. It had never occurred to me that so many of my market commentaries and predictions were Biblical.

·       Some good advice from Rudyard Kipling. Never pay the Dane-geld. You never get rid of the Dane.

·       A truly outstanding Week in Pictures from Powerline.

·       An apropos quote from Samuel Adams: “Liberty will not long survive the extinction of morals.”

·       Sen. Josh Hawley succinctly states what most of us believe and points out how outrageous it is. Sorry, Joe, silence is not an option. This is four minutes worth listening to. The exchange between Sen. Ron Johnson and “ranking liar” Gary Peters points to the unrequited desire to settle scores. As Scott Johnson says, “We have yet to settle accounts with the Axis of Evil linking Democrats, mainstream media and big tech.” Glenn Reynolds in his New York Post column argues that the Deplorables remember and decline to stand down.

·       New Rasmussen Poll: 56% believe Biden consulted about Hunter’s business deals and possibly profited from them. Of course he did. Riding the Dragon – Bidens Chinese Secrets.

·       Everybody in California is moving to Texas. Add Charles Schwab to the list of companies moving out of California to Texas as the exodus continues. New data shows residents fleeing California in near record numbers. And they may be getting desperate as revenue goes with those folks.  As for New York, fleeing citizens have resulted in an estimated $34 billion in lost income.

·       Rep. Deb Haaland accused the Covington students of ‘hate’ and ‘intolerance.’ She has been tapped by slow Joe to run the Dept. of the Interior.

·       More evidence of just how politicized the FBI was under the Obama administration. Tapping phones without a warrant and spying on a network executive. Mainstream media – move on, nothing to see here. I believe a majority of Americans are outraged over the fact that we have seen evidence of so much malfeasance without a single prosecution of the swamp denizens responsible.  I’m thinking that President Trump needs to appoint someone like Sidney Powell or Rudy Giuliani as Atty. Gen. in his next term.

·       In case you think you have it bad or that your power hungry politicians are the worst, you could live in Minnesota.

·       Liberal Democrats are calling on Speaker Pelosi and Minority Leader McCarthy to disarm members of Congress. You’re next.

·       Seems like evert day we get some new piece of evidence from Hunter Biden’s hard drive from Hell

·       A black lives matter thug who was honored by the Boston Red Sox has been charged with punching an 80 year old woman in the face at a Trump rally in Massachusetts. Too bad he was granted bail before getting to spend some time with the general population.

·       Blue Dress Proof: What it takes to get the media to believe a Democrat did wrong. Absolutely spot on.

·       Communists always eventually let the cat out of the bag. Mayor de Blasio to New Yorkers: ‘Our mission is to redistribute wealth.’

·       Diversity and bias obsessions come for the ballet. I strongly suspect the majority of Americans are way past fed up with this kind of nonsense and there is a backlash coming.  

·       Now here is a non-medical professional who I have no problem referring to as Doctor. Jools Holland and Doctor John, the Boogie Woogie Twins. Can Jill at least play the piano?

·       Lots of people think the election was stolen. Democrats and the news media — but I repeat myself — are trying to portray this as a fringe view, but it’s anything but.

·       Keep Texas Red. Texas is still a red state, but it’s not the Republican stronghold it used to be. Five years ago Glenn Reynolds suggested a welcome wagon program for new arrivals from blue states.