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In The News for Friday, November 8, 2019
Posted Nov 08 2019 7:29AM

·        The reasons the IG report has been delayed will delight Trump supporters.

1) The delay on the OIG FISA report is "partially" due to John Durham's new Grand Jury activity--which can only mean that Durham is already taking testimony from persons named in IG Horowitz's report, and

2) Durham is actively investigating the leak of the Flynn/Kislyak phone call to David Ignatius of the WaPo, which diGenova describes as "a 20-year felony." Ouch! Maybe that person--or persons--will want to go for a deal? But they'll have to have something truly major to offer. Something that Durham can't get without their cooperation. And count on it.

·        The Longest Political Suicide Note In Recorded History. I certainly hope so. Imagine being taxed on your net worth every year. It makes double taxation look benign. It is a wealth destroying tax. As for her Medicare For All insanity, how about a new slogan, “You like your Health Plan? Tough Luck, It Will Be Gone.”

·        More bad news for Dems looking to play down the economic successes of the Trump economy. The Wells Fargo/Gallup Small Business Index is at +142 compared to +54 at the end of the Obama administration. That’s a 163% increase in optimism.

·        Make it happen.

“ICE Air Operations is capable of facilitating the removal of alien nationals from any location in the continental United States to anywhere in the world via commercial airline or charter aircraft, ensuring their safe and humane return to their countries of origin.”

·        Rand Paul Wants Media to Name Ukraine Whistleblower (Psssst! His Name is Eric Ciaramella). He choice of attorney representation is somewhat telling. Does anyone think for a second that if the tables were turned Adam Schiff wouldn’t have already leaked the name to the press? He used to leave committee meeting while they were in session to leak to CNN.

·        Jonathan Chait is a liberal writer. His latest in The National Interest is titled New Poll Shows Democratic Candidates Have Been Living in a Fantasy World.

·        Speculation on how Mitch McConnell might handle the impeachment trial. It could get interesting when the Republicans take charge, which is what will happen when it goes to the Senate.

·        In case you thought that the idiocy that is so well represented by Eric Swalwell  would go away when his ridiculous presidential candidacy folded its tent, you would be mistaken. He is the emptiest of empty suits and must represent a district in California whose voters are just incapable of being embarrassed by their elected representatives.

·        Tulsi Gabbard turned on Joy Behar. It was a case of whipping someone who is totally unarmed and defenseless. It’s frightening to realize that there are people who actually watch these harpies on a daily basis.

·        Yea. Great idea. Why not post these in your break rooms? Right next to the K-Cup pods for your Keurig and the plastic straws.