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In The News for Friday, September 11, 2020
Posted Sep 11 2020 7:11AM

·       For pure despicability I’ve always found it a toss-up between Paul Krugman and Robert Reich. Elon Musk handed Robert his head with a reply to one of his tweets. Today in Fake News.

Elon Musk Reply.png

·       The media staked almost everything on the Trump is a tool of Putin narrative and they have to protect it, facts be damned. The Serbia-Kosovo deal is a lot more important that the coverage being afforded it in the mainstream media.

·       Nothing to tough, now. David Ruiz of The Washington Free Beacon has compiled another SUPERcuts video of the press pandering to Joe.

·       Insanity Wrap #47.

·       People tend to go where they feel the most welcome and are treated the best. California businesses leave the state by the thousands. What a crying shame that one of the most beautiful states in America has become such a dystopian mess.

·       Earth to Ted:  Cops Send an 'Earth to Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler' Message: Your City's on Fire and the Cops Are Leaving.

·       Green Energy hasn’t exactly worked out too well for California, has it?