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In The News for Wednesday, June 1, 2022
Posted Jun 01 2022 6:52AM

·        One Damn Thing After Another. Some comments from Scott Johnson of Powerline about William Barr’s book that is so fittingly titled. He highly recommends it, and I may have to read it. The interview with Glenn Beck is very interesting and well worth your time.

·        Despite what appeared to be overwhelming evidence, a Washington, D.C. jury found Sussman not guilty of lying to the FBI. It was a very disappointing result, but one the prosecutor was clearly worried about and one that was not unexpected based on the makeup of the jury. The jury had Clinton donors, an AOC donor and the mother of a girl who plays on a sports team with Sussman’s daughter. From

Despite Sussmann’s not-guilty verdict, his trial revealed the rank odor of Washington politics. It suffuses our courts, our law enforcement bureaucracy, and the mainstream media. It reeks of insider dealing and extreme partisan bias. That stench should alarm anyone concerned about America’s ability to govern itself democratically. That governance requires trust in our institutions, including confidence our courts can resolve legal issues with fairness and integrity. Who could look at the Sussmann Affair and retain that confidence?  

·        Hey! Who you going to believe? Me or your lying eyes? Biden wants you to know the economy is super and if you don’t agree you’re a moron. Hey, I’m just loving that it takes $100 to fill up my sedan. And those meat and chicken prices? Who needs protein, anyway? And we’re the morons?

·        About the Supreme Court leak…Query for CNN’s Joan Biskupic. For now, my money is on Sotamayor. Clerks ‘alarmed’ as officials request cell phone records to find SCOTUS leaker.

·        Some very interesting comments from JPMorgan on Crude prices and the gap in supply and demand for oil. Is $185/bbl in the cards?