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In The News for Friday, October 16, 2020
Posted Oct 16 2020 8:08AM

·        I’m beginning to wonder if Joe will make it to Nov. 3rd. The recent evidence that has emerged of corruption isn’t something pulled out of thin air like the Russia collusion nonsense they tried on Trump. It is emails taken directly from a laptop that belonged to Hunter Biden, which the FBI has sat on for over a year.  This is going to be difficult to deny, although I’m sure the Biden campaign and their media acolytes will take their best shot. We may finally have something that even a complicit media can’t sweep under the rug. The New York Post had a follow-up article. There is a reference in the one of the emails of 10% of the equity being “held by H for the big guy.” I wonder who in the world “the big guy” could be. It’s baffling, isn’t it?

·        More just keeps on coming. Tucker Carlson last night: “Not one word in the New York Post story has been debunked. NOT ONE WORD.” It is entirely possible that this huge scandal will make it difficult to drag Joe all the way to November 3rd. I’m sure Hillary is jumping up and down waving her hand and yelling Me, Me, Me. Stay tuned. This might get a lot more interesting.

·        After initially denying it, when faced with the evidence the Biden campaign admitted that Joe might have met with Burisma executive. Is there anyone who doesn’t believe the press would be in full lantern and pitchfork mode is this involved Don, Jr or Eric and the President? I didn’t think so. The Biden campaign’s response has been to try and shoot the messenger, but the messenger has the goods on them.

·        Twitter and Facebook have been frantically trying to block the dissemination of the story on their platforms, but have only served to make it go viral and have brought down the wrath of a Senate Committee and the House GOP who is calling them to testify next week in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee. It’s high time their tax incentives were withdrawn.

·        The outcome of this isn’t surprising. The old “my account was hacked” defense didn’t play out well.

·        The Coronavirus experts were wrong, now they need scapegoats. Egregiously wrong to the detriment of all of us.