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In The News for Tuesday, March 21, 2023
Posted Mar 21 2023 8:28AM

·        Unfortunately, probably true. San Fran Fed didn’t know about SVB’s problems, but likely knew ‘their carbon footprint.’

·        A Failed Presidency In 20 Seconds.

Joe Biden has been a corrupt politician for a long time, probably decades. In recent years his corruption has come to light. The establishment press tried to deny it, since the imperative to defeat Donald Trump trumped everything else. But no one has disputed the evidence that shows Biden has hauled in millions in ill-gotten income from foreign interests. There is nothing subtle about this: it is a classic way in which a corrupt politician gets rich.

·        An update on the disgraceful episode at Stanford Law School with Judge Duncan. Read his description of what happened to see just how despicable these people are. Administrators, one in particular, should be fired and several students should be expelled.

·        Gallatin, TN in Sumner County is just south of NASHVILLE. A local librarian and some of his woke staff tried to derail a children’s story-time hosted by actor Kirk Cameron, swimmer Riley Gaines and Duck Dynasty start Missy Robertson. Unlike what happened at Stanford Law School, it cost the head librarian his job and the event went off without a hitch to overflow crowds. In other words, don’t try that crap in Tennessee if you want to keep your job.

·        The Three Percent Fabrication. Pure demagoguery, but that’s nothing new. Get the lie out there and hope a compliant press will run with it. Other politicians will, of course, repeat it. As Churchill said, a lie can get halfway around the world before the truth gets one leg in its pants.

·        Veep Thoughts With Kamala Harris.

In this edition Harris wrestles with water policy and, alone against the free world, finds herself a source of great amusement.

·        As Al Gore might say, this is an inconvenient truth. Why Wind And Solar Will Never Work.

Why? Because wind and solar are both obsolete technologies. They produce electricity less than one-half of the time, a fact that will never change. How can we run a modern economy on intermittent energy sources? We can’t.

Battery Storage? Don’t think so. See the chart.

·        Bitcoin has been surging amid the banking crisis. It is up over 69% year-to-date. Wow! Someone is a true believer. Balaji Srinivasan, former CTO of Coinbase, just placed a $2 million bet that Bitcoin will hit $1 million in 90 days. That would be a nice 3600% return. Stay tuned.

Balaji claims that the current banking crisis will lead to what he calls as “hyperbitcoinization,” a phenomenon where the world redenominates Bitcoin as digital gold, similar to the model used before the 20th century with physical gold. He added that individuals, firms, and large funds like sovereign countries will buy Bitcoin to hedge against hyperinflation in the coming weeks.