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In The News for Monday, November 28, 2022
Posted Nov 28 2022 7:08AM

·        Thought For The Day: The New “New Right”. Seems like an accurate take to me.

·        Well, thank goodness the mainstream media is finally on the job. CBS News Officially Confirms That Lincoln Has Been Shot. Also, check out the other stories. They are a treasure trove of satirical ridicule.

·        As we watch the FTX scandal unfold, it just seems more and more amazing what a total lack of due diligence was performed. Here is a great example of Sam Bankman-Fried’s fan club. Go to the 6:34 mark to see Andrew Ross Sorkin and Jim Cramer beclown themselves as they gush over SBF as he was known. Those that actually looked into FTX recognized it immediately as a fraud but were shouted down by some like Rep. Ro Khanna of CA. Terry Duffy, CME Group CEO told SBF he was an ‘absolute fraud’ when he first met him. The Dems are going to do their best to cover this up or paint it in a different light, I guarantee. I suspect the bankruptcy judge will demand that they return the 40 million in campaign donations that SBF gave during the midterms. The more that comes out, and there is more every day, the more this whole thing stinks to high heaven.

·        More misinformation from the Feds. Total bunk.

truly, trusting just about any “random dude on twitter” would likely serve anyone better than the advice of brown university’s greatest embarrassment, current Biden admin covid czar Ashish Jha.

Dr. Jha: “We can prevent every COVID death in America” if everyone gets their updated booster. Saying things that are obviously and literally false is a good way to lose trust, which is what the CDC, NIH, FDA, etc. have done.

·        Dr. Fauci was deposed on Tuesday in the First Amendment lawsuit brought by the states of Missouri and Louisiana. Apparently, he took Richard Nixon’s advice and his memory was impaired. It is obvious he is a bureaucrat, not a scientist.

·        DC man who pushed “justice reform” bill shot dead on the day it passes. You get what you vote for good and hard.  

·        Elon Musk might be gearing up to make leftists’ heads explode – again. Watching this whole thing unfold has been fascinating.

·        Looks like they all got the same email with the day’s talking points.

·         Loose Ends. I highly recommend the Simpson’s Take on Soccer.

·        Unfortunately, this isn’t a surprising statistic. A study finds that the number of Americans carrying handguns has doubled in four years. When is comes to crime and lawlessness, you get what you put up with, and more and more people have reached the point where enough is enough.