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In The News for Monday, August 30, 2021
Posted Aug 30 2021 7:22AM

·       The Week in Pictures: Biden Brain Freezes

·       Did Biden nod off during his meeting with the Israeli PM. It sure looks like it. You be the judge.

·       Biden Bugs Out. A point-by-point commentary on the situation in Afghanistan and President Biden’s undeniable culpability.

·       Disturbing News from Kabul. Imagine being an American and making it to the airport, waving your U.S. Passport to a U.S. Soldier and being turned away.

·    Another SOTUS decision goes against the Biden Administration. Court blocks Biden’s eviction moratorium.

·       The Geek in Pictures: Covid-Stan Edition.  Some very interesting data on a variety of things.

·       Someone should be court-martialed and he should have stars on his collar.

·       Imagine the effect this has on prices. Container rates through the roof.

·       Why people hate the media. A major newspaper implied that 901 Florida residents died of COVID in a single day. It was actually as low as 8.

·       Biden drone strikes White House after vowing to kill those responsible for military deaths in Kabul.

·       In case you bank with Chase, you shouldn’t. They have cancelled Gen. Flynn’s credit card accounts citing possible “reputational risk.”  The reputational risk is Chase’s.