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In The News for Wednesday, December 8, 2021
Posted Dec 08 2021 6:48AM

·       A little music for Christmas from Buddy Brown. “Democrats Don’t Deserve Christmas.”

·       This is getting interesting. Trump’s social media platform gets $1 billion investment boost, Dems get nervous.

·       True. The Trans Movement Only Survives by Bullying. What? You don’t believe men can get pregnant?

·       Bob Dole switches from Republican to Democrat. Bob passed away at 98, marking his transition from a lifelong Republican to a reliable Democrat voter.

·       Former spokesman for D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser – Terrible Biden turned me into a Republican.

·       With the exodus of so many of Vice President Harris’ staffers  amid rumors of a hostile workplace, one staffer was apparently recruited to speak up for the VP. He has been roundly ridiculed on social media. “Blink twice if you need help.” Meanwhile the DNC want you to know that Kamala is on the job.  

·       As I said, Pelosi may well look back on this as the indictment from Hell. Bannon is giving the DOJ fits.

·       Papa John’s got this right! Bacon Makes Everything Better.

·       This had become pretty obvious. The handwriting was on the wall. Saule Omarova withdraws her name from Comptroller of Currency consideration. Good riddance to Marxist rubbish. This might have been the straw that broke the camel’s back.

·       Jussie Smolette takes the stand and his story goes from ridiculous to outrageous.

·       Santa is packing heat this year.

·       In case you’ve seen any news on the supposed white supremacists, the Patriot Front, you may be as baffled as most seem to be. Powerline had some comments on this bizarre event