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In The News for Thursday, March 16, 2023
Posted Mar 16 2023 8:11AM

·        Anytime. Bring it on.

March Market Behavior.png

·      You must be kidding! Are There Any Limits To Biden’s Shameless Demagoguery?

·        J.P. Sears: Bank Collapse for Dummies. Please watch.

·        Some thoughts on bank bailouts. Silicon Valley Bank and Joe Biden’s $19 Trillion Monday.

     One bird has flown, and that’s moral hazard, or the idea that bailouts only encourage the behavior that makes bailouts necessary. Don’t buy the claim that bank shareholders and CEOs are being taught a lesson. By guaranteeing all deposits, government actually makes banks an even more attractive source of funding for swing-for-the-fences bets by politically adroit, high-rolling bank entrepreneurs and executives.

     This problem regulation will then try to solve by dictating which bets banks can make with customer deposits. Somehow the necessary clairvoyance is never found and bank failures keep happening. In a weekend, dispensed with has been a guardrail that served the economy well. As the title of a 1986 paper by the Chicago Federal Reserve Bank succinctly put it: “Uninsured deposits [are] a source of market discipline.”

·        More on the subject. SVB And Other Thoughts.

My short take is: against every rule, law, and promise, the Federal Government has stepped in to make everyone right in regards SVB, including Democrat megadonors, the Brit Twits, and others including the Chinese economy which was seriously impacted by SVB; the Signature Bank action is interesting since the trigger(s) for such actions did not appear to be reached and even Barney Frank himself noted that it might be related to the creation of a Federal Cryptocurrency; and, we are not done yet.

·        I always thought the F-4 Phantom was the baddest looking of all the fighters. Had a few friends who flew them in Vietnam.