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In The News for Tuesday, March 29, 2022
Posted Mar 29 2022 7:34AM

·        I’m just so proud I could burst. Eat your heart out Georgia fans.  My alma mater just won its second Women’s Bowling championship in a row and a birth in the NCAA’s. Go Dores!

·        How Low Can He Fall? The well-respected – and Democrat connected – Iowa poll has Biden’s approval rating at 34%.

A gold-standard pollster heralded by Democrats for her accuracy has just pulled the rug out from under the White House with the worst findings yet for President Joe Biden.

Ann Selzer, who conducts the famous Iowa Poll, working with Iowa’s Grinnell College, has found nationally that Biden’s approval rating has sunk to 34% and that most respondents believe the economy is also heading south.

“The latest edition of the Grinnell College National Poll (Grinnell-Selzer) shows that nearly 6 in 10 Americans believe the economy will get worse in the next 12 months — the highest number recorded in the history of the poll. And the pessimism about the future of the economy may be weighing down President Joe Biden’s approval ratings across the board,” said the poll analysis.

·        The plot just keeps getting thicker. Hunter Biden Rolls On. His former business partner and fellow Burisma board member is looking at doing a year in prison.  

·        Joe Biden, the Emily Litella of our time. “Never Mind.” How long can this go on? Are the Democrats going to continue transparently propping him up even as no one is fooled any longer? If you’ve ever wondered how the citizens of Rome ever tolerated emperors like Nero and Caligula, this is how.

·        Yeah, right. I thought reporters ‘don’t root for a side’. On Sunday’s Meet the Press on NBC Chuck Todd was panicked over the Republican Party’s edge in the latest generic congressional poll – calling it a “huge red flag.” Poor Chuck. He’s going to be reduced to holding his blankie and sucking his thumb before it’s all over.

·        LMAO! Is there anything this guy can’t do? 45 hits hole-in-one on Saturday playing with Ernie Els.