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In The News for Monday, November 1, 2021
Posted Nov 01 2021 6:18AM

·       This isn’t bordering on insanity, it is insanity. Anyone  approving it or voting for it should be caned on the Capitol steps and then tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail. It’s hard to believe anyone takes this seriously, but we are being led by idiots at the moment, so you can’t rule anything out. Biden appeared stunned when asked about it. It initially appeared in a Wall Street Journal report.

·       Update on the Spendapalooza.

The falsity of the remarks lies somewhere between painful and outrageous. Listening to Biden recite the text is tortuous. If ordered by a court as punishment for a crime, it might violate the Eighth Amendment protection against cruel and unusual punishment.

·       Don’t want to get cocky, but this is a major shift. Youngkin has been rising in the polls against McAuliffe and now two recent ones have him well ahead, one by 8 points. This would be a seismic event. At the center of it is the ridiculous transgender bathroom movement which needs to be totally scrapped. As evidenced by this stunt, the McAuliffe campaign is getting desperate. The McAuliffe campaign condemns tiki torch hoax after spending all day spreading it.  

·       Mars Candy has a clip out that is just too weird for words. Add Twix to my permanent restricted list.

·       Iran takes the measure of Joe Biden. He measures small.

·       Move Over Julia – Here Comes Linda! These people are idiots who think insulting the intelligence of voters is a winning strategy.

·       Is Jill Biden asking about a ‘process’ for removing Kamala Harris? The love fest has come to an end. They know a red tidal wave is coming, and now it’s every man for himself.

·       Supply Chain woes worsen following Biden’s intervention. That’s hardly surprising considering their record on everything else. 

·       The Celera 500L promise to be a radical innovation in private aviation. Selling for $4.5 to $5 million, it is about the price of a Honda, but with 1/3 the operating cost at $328/hour. The plane will have a range of 4500 miles, a cruise speed of 460 mph at 50,000 feet. It will be five times more cost-effective and 8 times more fuel efficient than comparable bizjets.