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In The News for Thursday, July 21, 2022
Posted Jul 21 2022 6:21AM

·        Matthew Continetti of The Washington Free Beacon asks Who’s In Charge?

·        The Good Samaritan With A Gun In Indiana Serves To Refute Four Common Gun Control Myths. Amazingly, he acted within 15 seconds or the death toll would have been much higher. He put 8 of 10 rounds on target from a distance of 40 yards, a feat I doubt many policemen could manage.

·        I think this is what you call a 180. Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz is mad at his woke friends. Apparently opening his bathrooms to the local bum population hasn’t worked out too well.  

·        This is treasonous on the part of DOJ. Mystery solved: DOJ secretly thwarted release of Russia documents declassified by Trump. Come the red tidal wave, there needs to be a real reckoning and bureaucrats held accountable. Good and hard.

·        The ridicule ramps up. The Biden Bike Challenge has replaced Planking. Brandon Falls is now an official landmark.  Amazing how it’s catching on.

·        Nothing political. Just a hilarious Cary Grant story from Mel Brooks.

·        Know anyone still wearing a mask? This is one of the funniest things I’ve read on the subject. Surgical Masks – N95 – The American Journal of Infection Control published an article in 1993 that dispels that notion. Bottom line. If you’re still weaking a mask, you’re either being bullied by someone who doesn’t know what they are talking about, or you haven’t bothered to look into the efficacy of them yourself. You’ve taken someone else’s word who doesn’t know what they are talking about. The author calls it COVIDidiocy. Amazingly, where I live the only places still wearing them are doctors’ offices, the very people you would think know better.