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In The News Weekend Edition April 17, 2021
Posted Apr 17 2021 8:22AM

·       The Week in Pictures: Riot Preseason Edition. A very good one.

·       This just simply can’t be allowed to happen. West Point Goes Woke[JW1] .

·       Lest you think that Coca-Cola has had second thoughts on their wokeness based on their reaction to Conservatives reaction to their statement on the Georgia election laws, think again. I reported on this some time ago and it hasn’t changed. The company is still encouraging its law firms to commit race discrimination.

·       The Twitter War on Truth Continues.

There are many on the conservative side who say we shouldu simply abandon the site en masse. Some of us, however, think that Dorsey and his commie enforcers should be made to change their ways. It won’t be easy but it is a fight worth fighting. Alternative social media sites for conservatives are a good idea but we shouldn’t have to tuck our tails and run every time the progressive billionaire bullies want to make life difficult for us.

·       Another New York Times story unravels. Lying “Intelligence” sources have backtracked. Mollie Hemingway names names at the NYT.

·       A black activist is questioning BLM’s finances - and they don’t like it. The management of any company who fell for this scam should be ousted by the shareholders.

·       Tweet of the Day. It reminds me of the old questio[JW2] n: What food has ruined more lives that any other? Answer: Wedding Cake.

·       Talk about “V” bottoms. Retail Sales is a beaut!

·       Why is everyone swallowing Biden’s lies? Well, I don’t think a lot of people are. Not anyone willing to do a little research.

·       Not the sharpest knife in the Democrat’s drawer. Eric Swalwell has a habit of saying stupid things and picking fights he can’t finish. He made the mistake of taking on Marjorie Taylor Greene. Bad move, Eric. Shakespeare had a good quote to describe Eric in All’s Well That Ends Well: A most notable coward, an infinite and endless liar, an hourly promise-breaker, the owner of not one good quality.”

·       Woke college settles with professor who wouldn’t be cowered. Scottsdale Community College paid professor Nicholas Damask $150,000. More should follow his example. I hope Big City Coffee is just as successful.

·       The whole story about SGT Jonathan Pentland. Our woke military has suspended him from duty. Disgusting.

·       CNN’s ratings are down 54% since Inauguration Day. Without a go to channel for the TDS sufferers, they have no audience except the terminally misinformed.

·       This outrageous behavior by government entities should be punished and the victim should  be able to sue for damages.

Once again, officers have seized property from someone engaged in perfectly legal behavior—flying with cash. And when Jerry Johnson went to court to fight for the return of his $39,500, which Jerry planned to use to purchase a used semi-truck at auction for his trucking business, the judge held that Jerry could not challenge the state’s forfeiture because he hadn’t proven his innocent ownership of the seized property. This week, IJ appealed Jerry’s case to the Arizona Court of Appeals, arguing that requiring Jerry to prove his own innocence flips the law on its head and undermines our most basic constitutional guarantees. Fox News 8 has the story.

·       This is “disgusting and appallingly stupid.” Unions evict National Guard. Minneapolis is a hell-hole.

·       Tennessee company awarded $49.9 million U.S. Army Sniper Rifle contract. Barrett Firearms Manufacturing has been awarded the contract. They are the manufacturer of the famous .50 caliber Barrett Sniper Rifle. Their retail store is just east of Murfreesboro, TN on I-24 if you ever happen to be traveling that way.

·       What a nitwit! Florida State Rep. Carlos Guillermo Smith (D) denies socialism ever killed anyone.

·       We don’t want to get cocky, but I fervently hope this is right. The Democrats Are Flirting with Suicide in the Midterms.

·       Well, never mind that it is unconstitutional. That’s just a minor impediment to Democrats. House to vote on statehood for Washington, D.C. Tuesday. I think it highly unlikely it will pass the Senate and I certainly hope there are enough sane Democrats in the House to prevent its passing.

·       Our Ambassador to the U.N. Biden can sure pick them, can’t he? Another in a long line of incompetent, anti-American appointees or proposed appointees.

·       A 28-year U.S. veteran asks, “What Way Forward For Our Military?”

·       And finally…Brazil sets the example. Customer tries to rob convenience store, gets shot by four customers. They all happened to be cops. Bad choice. Snopes tries its best to call it fake and fails.