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In The News for Wednesday, June 23, 2021
Posted Jun 22 2021 6:50PM

·       Hopefully this is the death blow to this outrageous attempted power grab by the Democrats. Republicans used their filibuster power to block debate on the sweeping federal elections bill designed to facilitate ballot harvesting. The vote was 50-50                       and it needed 60 votes to advance.

·       Why am I surprised? Air Force Base hosts first ever drag queen show: ‘essential to the morale, readiness.’ Yea, I know it would make me want to jump in my fighter jet and go strafe something. Unfortunately, it might be my C.O’s HQ building.

·       In what shouldn’t be much of a surprise to anyone who has been following things, it is becoming clearer and clearer what a fraud Black Lives Matter is. The evidence just keeps mounting. Not too confident that the Biden run IRS will do their job. May have to wait for 2022, but it looks like there ought to be some jail time involved.

·       University of Minnesota President Joan Gabel is trying to backtrack on her woke reaction to the George Floyd incident without referencing it, hoping people have short memories. After banning Minneapolis Police from campus and watching crime escalate, she is crying “uncle”.

·       As the audits continue, a large percentage of our citizens believe that Biden won ‘only due to fraud,’ and 80% want voter ID, including an overwhelming number of minorities, 84%. Chuck? Nancy? Show me how this fits your ridiculous narrative. The number or things that happened on election night that were statistically almost impossible led me to believe that the crooks would not be able to indefinitely cover their tracks. Some momentum seems to be building to true the vote. Georgia is looking highly suspect.

·       Revenge of the Laptop. Supposedly the DOJ is belatedly looking into Hunter Biden, firm for illegal lobbying. Before you get too excited, it is the Biden DOJ.

·       In case you’re skeptical of the FBI’s potential involvement in the Jan. 6th disturbance, a look back at history might make you re-think your skepticism. Five past cases of FBI incitement.

·       Can anyone give me a good reason why this gender dysphoric athlete shouldn’t be immediately kicked off the team? Trans Olympic Athlete: “My Goal Is To Win The Olympics So I Can Burn A U.S. Flag On The Podium. No excuse. Gone. Now.

·       White House locks down Joe Biden after critical messaging errors with reporters. What do you think would have happened if they had tried that with Trump? CNN reporter: We haven’t seen Joe Biden answer questions “without his aides screaming at him to stop. I have never seen a President, covering the last 4 of them, so protected by his aides.”

·       Maybe Biden should have put 17 items on the list he gave Putin. Georgia Hospital system hit with ransomware attack following Biden-Putin “Summit.”

·       Who doesn’t like a happy ending? Robbery of Pizza Hit goes awry for robber who takes the room temperature challenge.  

·       Vanderbilt Rugby marks 50th anniversary. Founded in 1970, I joined in 1972 after returning from Vietnam to finish my degree. Great experience! As a club sport, we had some interesting folks on the team, ranging from a policeman, a night court judge’s son and a professional wrestler. We won most of our games and for those that we we won the after-party.

·        In case the postmodern academic jargon is confusing the issue surrounding CRT, Scott Adams has a suggestion. Just replace Marxist and Anti-White with ,Losers and Assholes. There, that’s easy to understand.

·       My favorite political pundit, Sen. Kennedy, nails it again.

·       Well this didn’t take long did it? Remember Joe Manchin cast a key vote confirming this unqualified appointee. New head pf DOJ Civil Rights Division attacks law barriong boys from participating in girls’ sports.

·       Ouch! Taxpayers fleeing Blue States take $26.8 billion in income to Red States. As Glenn Reynolds so obviously pointed out in his USA Today opinion piece in October 2015, If you tax it too much, they will go. And go they are. U-Haul is having their best year on record for one-way rentals.

·       Who would have thought this could happen in such a progressively enlightened city? Perhaps anyone with a brain. After a Year of Violence and Madness, Portland Goes From Dumb to Desperate. How does the old saying go? “Hoist by their own petard?” I can’t even muster up any good crocodile tears for these idiots now having to sleep in the fetid cesspool they created. If their next municipal elections don’t show a major reversal, they can just stew in the mess they’ve created. If you can believe it, Portland has a new tourism ad out. As you might imagine, tourism has fallen off the proverbial cliff over the past few years. Yea, count me in. I doubt Oregon has a reciprocal carry permit agreement with Tennessee, so that pretty much rules me out.

·       Why would anyone listen to anything she says? Meghan McCain liked Joe Biden before she didn’t.

·       Poor Mr. Potato Head’s ratings continue their race to the bottom as latest indicate smallest audience of 2021. I’d say it is mostly family, friends and assorted idiots. Rumor has it that CNN is starting a PAC to raise money for Trump’s run in 2024 so they can regain the millions of viewers they’ve lost.