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In The News for Friday, October 8, 2021
Posted Oct 08 2021 6:26AM

·       A rational look at Jan. 6th from Roger Kimball as printed in Imprimis[JW1] .

·       Another significant company exits California. Tesla has moved their headquarters to Texas. To quote Davy Crockett, “you can go to hell, I’m going to Texas.” Elon himself left two years ago to move to Austin, TX. At least 75 companies have left California this year alone. California, A Business Hub No Longer.

·       As Biden has sunk in the polls, his minions have hoped that he might rebound once his feckless management of the Afghanistan withdrawal faded in the news. That hasn’t happened as he has managed to step from one land mine to another while trying to pull his foot out of his mouth and avoid question from the press. His “Bounce Back” On Hold As Americans Realize He’s A Fraud. Poor Jake Tapper can’t hide his shock over Biden’s latest “brutal” poll numbers.  He can take heart, though, here are 17 Things with a Higher Approval Rating than Joe Biden[JW2] .

·       As more evidence is revealed on her background, the Facebook “whistleblower” appears to be a leftist plant[JW3] .

·       Nice to see a comedian with some cohones. Dave Chappelle eviscerates the left in new comedy special. As I’ve always said, ridicule is the best weapon. That’s why the left would like to cancel the Babylon Bee.

·       Today’s offering: Democrats Declare Democracy Has Failed Because They Did Not Get Their Way.

·       MSNBC’s take on concerned parents questioning school boards. They are mentally ill, white nationalists[JW4] . That’s just how out of touch these liberal nitwits are and why the public holds the media in such low esteem.

·       Biden has been a boon to small businesses in Afghanistan. They are now selling U.S. Military weapons.