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In The News for Tuesday, July 19, 2022
Posted Jul 19 2022 6:48AM

·        How you stop a mass shooting. A good guy with a gun quickly took down the shooter at Indianapolis mall. Gun Control advocates stunned he’s labeled “Good Samaritan”. It does kind of wreak havoc with their narrative.

·        US Oil Producers send Biden new message during his Saudi trip, stop targeting us.

“In spite of … attempts to limit supply, we’re doing everything we can to increase our production,” Tall City Exploration President and CEO Mike Oestmann told Fox Business. “We’re spending all the money that we make. We’re putting it right back in the ground with the addition of the bank borrowing that we’re doing.”

·        Judging by the left’s reaction, new San Francisco DA must be doing something right.

·        Biden’s collapse exposes rot in the establishment.

 The problem isn’t Biden, it’s that the so-called “adults in the room” who surround him are children with no self-awareness and a violent allergy to accountability. They are incapable of feigning interest in what concerns normal people, and the public is beginning to sense this indifference. The unusually hostile, contemptuous tone of the Biden Administration is a novelty in our politics and a sign of deep insecurity.

·        End of Quote. Repeat the Line.

Now, however, the focus is on Biden. The empty suit and the empty head that currently masquerade as the president of the United States is now subject to the one thing he never was during his undistinguished, comically malevolent, supererogatory, opportunistic career in the Senate: scrutiny.