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In The News for Friday, September 9, 2022
Posted Sep 09 2022 7:29AM

·        Return Of The Ice Age

To Europe, anyway. Years of horrible decisions by European leaders have come home to roost, as Europeans now worry about how to heat their homes this winter. Reliance on a geopolitical enemy for much of their energy turned out to be a mistake, as Russia has now shut off gas supplies. Who could have predicted it? Other than anyone with a modicum of common sense? Which Europe’s governing class has lacked for many years.

The saddest aspect of this story is that American leaders are following in the failed footsteps of the Europeans. We have the greatest petroleum reserves of any country on Earth, yet the Biden administration is ruthlessly suppressing oil and gas production in hopes of an impossible transition to unreliable, inefficient and ruinously expensive “green” energy.

It is a sham and a hoax and a way to line the pockets of political friends.

·        California is, of course, following Germany’s lead.

·        Mark Zuckerberg gave Fauci his personal phone number. As more and more comes out it is turning out that the voices that were censored turned out to be the most accurate concerning COVID transmission, treatment and concerns.

·       Deputy Dawg.jpg It finally hit me who Bill Barr looks like. Remember Deputy Dawg? Bill has been out pushing his new book and commenting on the Mar-a-Lago raid. He’d do better for his reputation to just remain silent. He seems to have forgotten all about deep-state deceit.

·        Well, this doesn’t fit the narrative, does it? Founder of Greenpeace, Patrick Moore, says Climate Change based on false narratives. There is no “climate emergency.”

·        In case you think that the Democrats calling the opposition fascist is something new, you might be surprised.

·        It’s about time. Oberlin College “has initiated payment in full of the $36.59 million judgement in the Gibson Bakery case.” Oberlin did not offer an apology in their statement as they consider themselves a “victim.” It’s a shame the damages were not higher.  

·        The only thing I need to know to be sure the judge who ruled on appointing a special master got it right is that her decision was denounced by Mueller lead prosecutor Andrew Weissmann who should have been disbarred years ago after what he did in running the Enron Task Force. Former FBI boss Kevin Brock would not be surprise to see the search warrant thrown out entirely.

·        Op/Ed in Washington Times. Why Gen. Mark Milley should be court-martialed. By his own admission he damns himself.