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In The News for Tuesday, May 27, 2019
Posted May 27 2019 10:50PM

·        Well, the hue and cry has been pretty much as expected. First to weigh in was Adam Schiff who suggested that the probe of what looks like the biggest scandal in American history is “un-American.” Have you noticed that most pictures of him make him look like a surprised parrot? DaNang Dick Blumenthal was also quick to jump in front of the cameras. The laughable Jim Acosta of CNN suggested it was to distract from the President’s spat with Nancy Pelosi. If anyone seems unhinged, it was Nancy, stammering and seemingly unable to even conjugate a simple sentence following her aborted White House meeting which she was responsible for derailing. She seems to have developed a nervous tick, something the President has caused with a number of her associates.

·        As Liz Shield said, “OH. HELL. NO. Mueller wants to testify in private. Supposedly he believes that testifying publicly would seem political. Really? The whole thing has been political. I’d love to see him answer some of the questions likely to be asked by the Republicans on the committee.

·        Beam me to Kentucky, Scotty. Mr. Sulu says he is tempted to move to Kentucky to run against Mitch McConnell. Good idea. I know he’d play well in the Bluegrass State.

·        This is a great piece by Conrad Black who was recently pardoned by President Trump. He has a wonderful command of the English language and his adjectives describing Gabe Schoenfeld are priceless.

·        Huawei has been in the news a lot lately. Here is an article you might find interesting if you’re wondering what the issues are.

·        Here is a good example of what’s happened on several occasions due to localities refusing to honor ICE requests to hold illegal immigrants. This is INSANE! As far as I’m concerned, immigration policy is the number one issue for 2020. The President needs to take this issue directly to the American people.

·        Judging by the election results, British voters were not happy that their vote to leave the EU has so far been ignored. Even more stunning is the fact that the Brexit Party is only six week old. Across Europe, the highest turnout in 20 years rejected mainstream politics in France, Germany, Great Britain, and Italy. It seems that the U.S. isn’t the only country whose voters seem to be saying “I’m tired of this bull_ _ __ and I’m not going to take it anymore.” Add Australia to the mix, too. Pendulums always tend to swing back when there arc goes too far to one side.  

·        Good to know The New York Times is worried about national security. You might not know that from a look at their history. Here is a reminder.

·        Interesting, but it’s a little early to get cocky. 3 forecast modelers predict Trump will win in 2020.

·        Incredible footage of a tornado near Wray, CO.

·        A long but very good article by Victor Davis Hanson that lays out the facts clearly as he is so good at. If you want to have a very good handle on what is, I believe, the biggest scandal in our political history, this article will help you.

·        Can Gillette get any more woke? They seem to be going after a niche market.