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In The News for Monday, November 25, 2019
Posted Nov 24 2019 10:50PM

·        Possibly the best edition of The Week in Pictures of all time.

·        I don’t tend to post a lot of “feel good” stuff, but this is worth seeing. How can you not be touched to see a whole new world open up for a child?

·        And…The award for best typographical error of the year goes to…GQ Magazine for their news scoop that Lt. Col. Vindman received his Purple Heart after being injured by an IUD. As you might imagine, the comments are priceless. Chalk another one up for spellcheck.

·        Things are beginning to leak out of the upcoming Inspector General’s report and this one confirms what many of us have thought. An FBI official is accused of altering a document in the fake Russia probe that changed the document’s meaning. It was grudgingly reported by CNN, but not belabored by their commentators. They seem more worried about the fact that this is a “colossal win for Trump than they are with what could amount to treason.” Interesting update on the news that an FBI agent altered a transcript to change the meaning and is now facing criminal charges. He apparently reported to Peter Strzok, but that has been stealthily deleted from the WaPo story. It will be interesting as they trace the chain back up to see who was aware of the revision. I’m getting the distinct feeling that the liberal media sees a day of reckoning coming in the not too distant future and they are spazzing in place as it approaches. I have high hopes that the hammer is getting ready to fall. Even NeverTrumper and highly politicized former U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara is worried. If CNN felt compelled to report it, you know it must be bad.  

·        The jury seems to be in, and the result is that the Schiff show seems to have buttressed President Trump’s popularity. I expect to see fellow Democrats begin treating the perfidious Adam Schiff like he has leprosy as we approach 2020. Attempted Theft In Progress. A spot on indictment. Related: The more that comes out on Lt. Col.Vindman, the more I see that my initial assessment of him is vindicated. John Lucas at The Federalist has some pointed comments on the subject.

·        Pretty much what I’ve been saying. Bloombert: China Is Out of Economic Ammo Against the U.S.

·        Don’t let the clown show in Congress cause you to ignore what’s going on in other places. Mexico deserves your attention. Drug Cartels are now fighting over the Avocado business. Mexico is a lawless mess and may wind up asking for U.S. help to bring things under control. It might be a much more effective use of our Armed Forces in terms of the impact it has on life in the U.S. than whatever the hell we’re doing in Afghanistan, which has never in history been a cohesive nation. Almost 100 people are murdered DAILY in Mexico.

·        Apparently, the students at Atlanta’s historically black Morehouse College had better things to do. Students from the New Deal Democrats had organized an event for Deval Patrick, a recent hitchhiker in the Democratic Presidential Clown Car. Unfortunately for Deval and the New Deal Democrats, only two people showed up, so the event was cancelled.

·        Elisabeth Kempf of the Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago was interviewed on Squawk Box Friday morning. No surprise. They found in a study that there was a clear partisan bias in how analysts viewed things based on their political leanings. You have only to watch economists like Austan Goolsbee and Jared Bernstein to realize how true that is. I’ve seen Austan on TV recently defending Elizabeth Warren.

·        Elizabeth Warren Is Wrong About Everything. Analysis – True.

As this socialist battle royale has played out, the standard taken from pundits on both sides is that Warren is more deep from a policy standpoint than Sanders is. Admittedly, it is quite easy to present oneself as being less crazy and possessing more intellectual heft than Bernie Sanders. However, a quick pass over what Warren offers on any given day as she campaigns proves that she may be even loonier.

·        Good advice, Joe. Biden told someone protesting his immigration policy during a South Carolina even, “You should vote for Trump.” I like it. Honesty in politics. How refreshing.

·        I used to be a critic of the spoils system in politics. Not anymore after seeing the bias of the entrenched bureaucracy exposed. Conservative attorney Cleta Mitchell writes in The Federalist: Impeachment Charade Proves It’s High Time To End Court Deference To Biased Federal Agencies.

The public hearings in the House impeachment inquiry have demonstrated one conclusive fact: career federal employees who have testified, as well as the secret federal employee who started all this, are not whistleblowers. When President Trump upset their established order, they became tattletales…Somehow, the president’s views, described very clearly during the 2016 campaign, run afoul of the views of the smart people in the career ranks of the foreign service. 

Before these hearings, most people had never heard of the “interagency consensus,” which is apparently the foreign policy position of the United States toward every country in the world that is agreed to by career federal personnel, notwithstanding the contrary views of the elected president of the United States.

Comment by Mark Tapscott: Careerists scream and yell endlessly that such appointees mean “politicalization” and “a return to the spoils system.” The reality is political appointees are a crucial tool for implementing the programs and policies voters endorse when they elect a president. The money saved by not having the maximum number of political appointees is utterly inconsequential compared to the costs of being constantly subverted by the entrenched bureaucracy.