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In The News for Thursday, April 14, 2022
Posted Apr 13 2022 9:15PM

·        Oh Yeah! Keep ‘em rolling! First bus from Texas drops off illegals blocks from U.S. Capitol. ROTFLMAO! Unfortunately, I’m told that he only shipped a group that volunteered to go. If so, he is only doing it for theater and is a total wimp (my substitute word for you know what). He should forcibly load a dozen buses for the 1700-mile trip to D.C. and drive non-stop with only escorted bathroom breaks monitored by armed guards.  

·        “My Name Is Jon.” I don’t blame Joe for wanting to go incognito, but I don’t think it was on purpose. Speech in Iowa got off to a slow start. Well, I suppose you could say that about most thing Biden with the exception of his fast start on causing gas prices to head to the stratosphere and food costs to rise, not to mention opening our Southern border to all comers. The Oval Office has never experienced a dumpster fire like the one now raging. The Dems keep trying to spin the inflation disaster as the “Putin price hike.” LOL. That’s how stupid they think we are.


·        If you’ve seen the movie Bridge of Spies starring Tom Hanks, there was a great line with Tom talking to a U.S. intelligence agent of German heritage. “I’m Irish, you’re German. But what makes us both Americans? Just one thing. One. Only one. The rulebook. We all it the Constitution. And we agree to the rules, and that’s what makes us Americans. It’s all that makes us Americans.” From the, Play by the rulebook – our Constitution – to avoid a new civil war. An opinion piece by George Korda.

·        LOL. WaPo seeks foreign correspondent to cover Texas, “a part of the country that is governed largely by one political party.”


·        Who knew the Saudis had their own Saturday Night Live? Saudis mock Joe and Kamala. Relations are at a low ebb as the Saudis apparently haven’t been taking Joe’s calls.

·        Not sure who is advising Trump, but he needs to get someone else. He has angered a lot of supporters with his endorsement of Dr. Mehmet Oz, the TV quack who is running for the Senate in Pennsylvania.

·        Must be more to this story which I’ll just present without the scathing comments that come to mind. A Brazilian man presented at the emergency room with an unusual object he had somehow inserted into his body.

·        San Francisco used to be one of my favorite cities to visit. Not anymore.

·        Time for some big ole crocodile tears. Report: Chris Wallace ‘Having Daily Breakdowns’ Over CNN+ Failure.

·        Good strategy. Republican PAC Going for the ‘Kill’ in House Districts Where Biden Won Big.

·        Mitt seems to know he has Jeff Flaked himself. Says he does’t know if he will seek reelection in 2024. Whether he does or not, I have a pretty good idea what the outcome will be.

·        Brian Wesbury is right. It is one of the best economic essays of all time. I, Pencil by Leonard E. Read.

·        Feel Good Tweets of the day:

·        So, Joe, when can we expect food prices to come down? I’m sure this graph of fertilizer prices bodes well for that. That damn Putin!