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In The News for Tuesday, December 6, 2022
Posted Dec 06 2022 7:37AM

·        Every NPR show you’ve ever heard.

·        As most of us figured out long ago, Sweden got it right.

·        Contrary to some hysterical media reports, Trump did not call for the termination of the Constitution. Sarah Hoyt explains.

·        If military doesn’t do away with vaccine mandate McCarthy vows that national defense bill will not move forward. Defense Secretary Austin has supported it. He needs to go.

·        The Great Meltdown Is Just Beginning. Let’s hope so.

Losing control of the people’s House last month was bad enough. Now they have this “Twitter thing” that is not within their authoritarian control. They don’t have the free hand to tip the scale in their favor. They don’t have the ability to gaslight the nation with dishonest narrative about their political enemies.

They see glimpses of the future if things proceed as they currently are—and they are very afraid.

They should be.

·        Maybe trying to rob a concealed carry class isn’t such a good idea. Man attempts it and is shot by everyone in the class