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In The News for Wednesday, September 29
Posted Sep 28 2021 7:58PM

·       New Frontiers in Whoppers. Biden’s trillion-dollar spending extravaganza is free. As I’ve said before, they really  believe we are stupid. A $3.5 trillion socialist boondoggle is free? Right. Biden’s math for Dummies.

 I see the Biden administration’s “costless $3.5 trillion” insanity as a manifestation of the credibility that the Democratic Party is now giving to Modern Monetary Theory–or, as some say, Magic Money Tree–which has been thoroughly discredited.

·       Let me see if I’ve got this straight. The Democrats control the Presidency, the Senate and the House of Representatives and it’s the Republicans fault that they can’t get the debt ceiling raised. OK. Schumer and Pelosi have found themselves in a bind and the Republicans have declined to help them out.

·       Hilarious parody of FBI. FBI Busts FBI Terror Plot.

·       THE PRESS LIES FOR THE BIDEN ADMINISTRATION. THEY OPENLY REGARD THAT AS THEIR JOB. Advice to the press: If you don’t want people to think of you as garbage, stop being garbage. Hitting Back at the Democrat’s Corrupt Media Enablers.

·       We wish him great success! John Stossel sues Facebook’s Fact-Checkers for Defamation.

·       The Joe Biden chant has replaced “The Wave”. It has taken on a life of its own. It even broke out at the Ryder Cup. It is everywhere. 85 million votes. Yea, right.

·       The FBI just released the 2020 Crime Statistics. We had the biggest rise in the Murder Rate since record-keeping began 60 years ago, 30%. The biggest increase previously was 12.7%. Black to non black murder rate is 10:1. NYT blames gun sales and ‘mental health’ for spike.   

·       Life Along the Border Collapses. It’s hard to believe how dystopian it is. Imagine being a resident of Del Rio, TX.

·       I’m surprised the Marines are willing to invite the publicity that this court martial will invite and the re-airing of all the dirty laundry surrounding Afghanistan. LTC  Scheller is in the brig at Camp Lejeune in pre-trial confinement.

·       Related: Top Generals contradict Biden on advice he received about Afghanistan. You don’t mean Joe has been caught lying again? What a surprise! In sworn testimony, no less. Look forward to seeing Psaki spin this one.

·       Kamala Harris – A Harbinger of Catastrophe.

Let’s consider a thought experiment. Let us assume that Joe Biden succumbs to galloping dementia, as seems increasingly likely, and is replaced by Kamala Harris. It is common knowledge that Harris is entirely out of her depth in the office she currently occupies, a fundamentally unserious person devoid of intellectual gravity, common decency, practical concern, and knowledge of the complex geopolitical realm.

·       Wonder why this is? Majority of Americans don’t trust Joe Biden to tell them the truth about COVID-19. Meanwhile, Project Veritas strikes again. Johnson & Johnson scientist says children don’t need the f****** Covid vaccine. ‘unknown repercussions down the road.’…