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In The News for Friday, October 7, 2022
Posted Oct 07 2022 2:10AM

·        Tweet of the Week. An LSU fan put in his place by a Tennessee fan. I LMAO.

Rocky Top.png

It is unbelievable just how desperate the mainstream media, press and networks, are to suppress what should be blaring 24/7, and would be if it involved a Republican. To call it a bombshell is to downplay it. Bobulinski Against The Machine. It seems pretty clear that the FBI purposely influenced the 2020 election. They need a thorough scouring. I’d like to see someone like Matt Gaetz head up the committee.

·        OPEC TO BIDEN: DROP DEAD. Good thing his first action as President was to kill the Keystone Pipeline. Is it possible that a U.S. President could have shown more ineptitude in managing U.S. Energy Policy? Biden: I am considering alternatives to oil after the OPEC+ move. Really? Comments to this were hilarious.

·        Study: Biden Energy Policies costing U.S. Economy $100 Billion per year.

·        Biden hates Republicans so much, he would rather give oil money to Venezuela and Saudi Arabia than Texas.  

·        That didn’t take long. Fully expected. More to come. Ketanji Brown Jackson embarrasses herself during second day of Supreme Court.

·        What’s new in the world of Exchange Traded Funds? Well, Tuttle Capital Management has filed for a short ETF named Inverse Cramer ETF (SJIM) and a Long Cramer ETF (LJIM). The effective date should be Dec. 19th.

·        As Inigo Montoya might say to BLM, I’m not sure this pie chart you put out proves what you think it proves. What idiots. BLM On Crime. If my math is right, that means that the other 13% of the population commits 52% of the crime. If they’d made it a Venn Diagram Kamala would have been all over it. I think she has learned a new term.  

·        Hunter Heading For The Hoosegow? Don’t count on it. Something doesn’t smell right. Sources described as the typical “people familiar with the situation” are leaking about the Hunter Biden investigation. Since it’s within 90 days of an election, you can be assured no charges will be brought before the midterms, so there must be a reason why someone in the DOJ or FBI is leaking now. I suggest you read the post linked above and the follow-up piece, Hunter To Be Prosecuted? Ho Hum.

I have been complaining for a long time that the conventional focus on Hunter’s venality misses the point. I will say it one more time: no one has ever bribed Hunter Biden. Prosecuting Hunter would put a capstone on a misguided failure to tell the real story.

·        Just how bad is it? How pervasive is the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) movement? It’s way past the nose in the tent stage. Diversity Thursday is worth reading if you haven’t been following this trend. Want to apply for a professorship at the U.S. Army War College? Looks like a good job and you have all the requisite requirements. What do you need to provide. Just the basic resume, transcript, writing sample, etc. Oh yeah, and  "A short narrative of one page or less that describes how you would contribute to an atmosphere of diversity at the U.S. Army War College through teaching, scholarship, and/or service."

·        Well, now we know why Mary Katharine Ham has been absent from CNN. Jeff Zucker was not happy that she made fun of legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin for pleasuring himself on a Zoom call.