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In The News for Tuesday, June 11, 2019
Posted Jun 11 2019 6:49AM

·        This is a joke, right? Apparently not. From PowerLine. Biden’s switch over the weekend on his position on the Hyde Amendment has drawn a lot of comments and criticism. One suggestion is a new nickname. Instead of Slow Joe it’s now Floppy Joe. A friendship bracelet? Really?

·        The bond market is overwhelmingly predicting the Fed will cut rates at least twice, probably starting at the July meeting. I’m not so sure and neither is Goldman Sachs. Belief in a rate cut is so pervasive that I have a pathological urge not to join the herd. Upcoming data could change my mind, but for now that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

·        I know this will help California’s already precarious financial position. They are set to become the first state to offer health insurance to some illegal immigrants.

·        Good story. My London Driver Knows Donald Trump.

·        Good try, Chuck. Schumer tries to spin Trump victory. Top Democrats ‘Disappointed’ Mexico Tariff Threat Worked. Of course, they are. They hate having someone do an end run around them. As I said yesterday, he’s playing three-dimensional chess while they’re playing checkers. When you consider what he has been able to accomplish in the face of incessant partisan hysteria by people who refuse to accept the results of an election, it’s truly impressive. He seems to thrive on their dementia. If I were the President, I would invite Chuck and Nancy over to the White House for Margaritas just to rub it in. He should have plenty of chips and salsa. LOL

·        The relationship between population growth and resource availability has been something the Malthusians have never gotten right. It’s why all those predictions made in the 80’s about how we would be starving by the end of the century were so egregiously wrong. It’s why the Peak Oil crowd has pretty much disappeared. Julian Simon’s 1981 book The Ultimate Resource made the point that “humans are intelligent beings, capable of innovating their way out of shortages through greater efficiency, increased supply, and the development of substitutes.” The Simon Abundance Index tracks 50 basic commodities tracked by the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. It covers the period 190-2018. It indicates the Earth was 518.98% more abundant in 2018 that it was in 1980. The price of 50 basic commodities fell 72.3% during that time frame. I might point out that none of this happened in a Socialist environment. Again, I’d highly recommend you read Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think by Peter H. Diamandis and Steven Kotler.

·        Poor Maxine hasn’t been getting enough attention lately so she took to Twitter to suggest her followers come up with a nickname for President Trump. The responses were not what she was expecting. Examples: President and Commander-In-Chief.

·        Duece Bigalow stands up for Free Speech. Rob Schneider appears to be a class act. Rare these days in Hollywood.

·        Jabba the Nadler opened his impeachment inquiry with a flash from the past, John Dean. Really. Steven Hayward on PowerLine ran with it. Nothing says “I got nuthin'” like House Democrats summoning John Dean as their opening witness for an “impeachment” hearing today. Maybe they really wanted Jimmy Dean, since they are trying to make impeachment sausage out of Mueller’s scrap meat. By the time they are done, they’ll resemble James Dean—a mangled, twisted wreck on the side of the highway.”  Georgia Congressman Doug Collins also had a good quote: ““It was brought up when one of our candidates talked about Russia being a threat, & former president Obama said the 80s are asking for their foreign policy back. Well guess what, this committee is now hearing from the 70s, and they want their star witness back” Have you by any chance noticed that conservatives seem to have maintained their sense of humor over that last two years far better than liberals or Democrats?   

·        The good thing about NY Mayor Bill de Blasio shoehorning himself into the Democratic Presidential Clown Car is that he’s pretty much making a fool of himself. More NY voters approve of President Trump that of de Blasio, 34% and 29% respectively.

·        Top Progressive ThinkProgress site Bleeding Cash and People. Kind of like their liberal icons would do to the government if given the latitude to do so.

·        I keep reading food things about Chile. This couple retired to live on Chile’s second largest lake on about $3,000 a month. They have a YouTube channel for those interested in finding out more. Their blog is full of interesting things about Chile.

·        Chinks have been opening up in the Mueller Report. If Nadler is able, and stupid enough, to call him to testify, I can’t wait for some of the questions he’ll get from the minority members of the committee.