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In The News for Tuesday, August 24, 2021
Posted Aug 24 2021 7:34AM

·       From Spectator: Biden Must Go.

·       You know the old saying...Better to be thought a fool…Well Kamala Harris finally speaks on Afghanistan but she really shouldn’t have.

· Wow! Someone can sure still draw a crowd. Cullman, AL on Saturday night.                                                                                      

·       Nancy hosts big Democratic fundraiser in Napa Valley. It kind of looks like the Meadowood Resort. Tickets up to $29, 000. At least the hired help is masked.

·       Rather than comment on and link to specific posts as I normally so, I’m just going to link to the site and tell you it is replete with information you should read. Powerline.

·       Some interesting facts have come to light about Harry Truman. In 2021 terms he was worth about $55 million when he left office. Joe Biden’s role model?

·       This is worth remembering long after the pandemic. The 10 States Leading the Economic Recovery All Have One Thing in Common (And So Do the Worst Ones!) Just take a wild guess.

·       Over 15 million mail-in ballots unaccounted for in 2020 election. That’s not good.