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In The News – Tuesday, August 19th Edition
Posted Aug 19 2014 7:30AM
  • Andrew Puzder is the CEO of CKE Restaurants. He is one of the CEO’s who makes very good sense and is willing to speak out. The President, in an interview with The Economist, recently said he thinks the administration has “managed the economy pretty well.” Mr. Puzder’s comment is ..." It's certainly revealing that a president, whose critics often accuse him of trying to ‘turn us into Europe,’ actually believes the federal government is supposed to manage the economy.”

    “What the president fundamentally fails to grasp is that politicians in Washington don't create jobs or economic growth. America's businesses and hard-working taxpayers are the key to rebuilding a healthy economy. Our free market economy has produced more wealth and distributed it more broadly than any economy that's ever existed. That happened without government management.”

    Here’s the whole article.

  • Here’s more on the ridiculous politicized indictment of Gov. Perry in Texas. I’m guessing that before this whole thing is over it may cost someone their job in Travis County.

  • Unless you’re a foodie you might not know what Sous Vide cooking is. It’s becoming more mainstream as a result of devices like this. It cooks steak for example perfectly to whatever doneness you wish without the possibility of overcooking.

  • Not making enough as a Wall Street banker? Move to Australia and get a job working as a deckhand. Pay range is from $137,000 a year to $211,000.

  • Traders have been hugely long Energy futures and are short the US Bond market. When too many people line up on one side of the ship it usually capsizes or at least throws some into the water. This may be one reason why Crude has acted as it has despite the global turmoil and one reason why bonds have been strong. We need to see some of these trades unwind.

  • Bank of America Merrill Lynch head of global technical strategy, MacNeil Curry, believes the market is topping right now or “over the course of the next week or two.” The reason, sentiment, which he believes has turned “quite bearish.” I’d be more inclined to take a contrarian approach, but he’s on the record so we’ll see how it plays out.

  • Rules are only for the little people. Apparently the long arm of the federal food police doesn’t reach into the teachers’ lounge.