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In The News for Tuesday, November 2, 2021
Posted Nov 02 2021 6:57AM

·       What is really going on with Critical Race Theory (CRT) and School

·        Boards and this anti-American movement to teach it? Their message seems to be CRT: It Doesn’t Exist…And It’s Awesome!

·       There is nothing fake about parent’s outrage in America’s culture war. It may well determine who the next governor of Virginia is. The election is today.

·       Talk about not fitting the narrative! Florida has the lowest COVID-19 case rate in the country. They did it without vaccine mandates, without mask mandates in school and with no restrictions on businesses. Maybe the rest of the country should take note and follow their lead. Somehow, the media have failed to cover it.

·       A point that’s hard to argue, and its very key. A Tweet by a self-described Black Conservative Woman. I believe she makes an important point.

·       I’ve never heard Juan Williams make a salient comment on anything. Mostly, we’re all dumber for having heard whatever he has to say. This is a prime example. Juan Williams: ‘Parents’ rights’ is code for white race politics. As Brian Wesbury commented, “I thought “parents rights” was code for “parents rights.”

·       What a surprise! You would have thought that tourists and conventions would be clamoring to take advantage of all Portland has to offer. For some reason, that isn’t happening.

·       I can only imagine how painful this must be for it to be so obvious that even Chuck Todd has to report on it.

·       Meanwhile, the media is melting down over the ubiquitousness of the ‘Let’s Go, Brandon’ cheer that seems unstoppable. I don’t remember them getting upset at any of the things yelled at President Trump.  

·       Elon Musk on world hunger. This is getting interesting.

·       Catching a few zzz’s at the Glasgow Climate Summit. Can’t blame him.