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In The News for Friday, June 10, 2022
Posted Jun 10 2022 6:50AM

·        You think they’re starting to figure it out. I hope not. Obama campaign manager: Blame AOC’s “dumb s***” if Dems lose the House. Yea, she is the gift that keeps on giving to the GOP, but their major problem is the incompetence of the senescent dolt occupying the White House and the advisors puppet masters surrounding him.  There will be plenty of blame to pass around as they turn on each other and the autophagy accelerates.

·        Liberal, anti-gun actor George Takei steps in in and gets roundly ridiculed. He unintentionally made the case for the Second Amendment. I can assure you it was unintentional.

·        You can always count on Sen. Kennedy for that good sound bite. “The price of gas is so high, it would be cheaper to buy cocaine and just run everywhere.”   

·        Ten early signs of Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Someone we know checks all the boxes.

·        Not unexpected, but still pretty pathetic. Biden interviewed by low information voter and hard-hitting journalist Jimmy Kimmel. He couldn’t even get through that puff piece without showing signs of dementia. At one point when Joe got flustered, Jimmy had to cut to a commercial.  

·        I didn’t realize the President of Ireland was an idiot. Who knew that the massacre of 50 Christians by adherents of the religion of peace was caused by climate change.

·        100% of the CFO’s in a recent poll believe a recession is inevitable. 68% look for it to begin in the first half of 2023, with the balance looking for it to be in the second half.