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In The News for Wednesday, May 31, 2023
Posted May 30 2023 9:32PM

·        R.I.P. William J. O’Neil - 1033-2033. Founder of Wm. O’Neil+Co. and Investors Business Daily. One of the real giants of investing. Have been a client of his firm since 1980.

·        Two things that are still here in 2023: East Coast Beaches and Climate Hysteria hoax. The NY Times reported back in 1995 that the East Coast beaches would be gone in 25 years. Funny how they’re still there along with the glaciers and Polar Bears. These people have a worse record than even those who rely on a broken clock to be right twice a day.

·        For your friends who depend on the mainstream media for their news and opinions, Elon Musk has some advice. How true.

·        In case your sense of smell isn’t working as well as it should be, things just got smellier. As Professor Turley says in his long column:

In his long column, Professor Turley writes: “Joe Biden repeatedly claimed as a presidential candidate and as president that he had no knowledge of any foreign dealings of his son. Those denials now appear patently false.” He concludes: “This was classic corruption.”

Hunter’s abandoned laptop includes pictures and appointments of Hunter’s foreign business associates with Joe Biden.

A Republican would have been already impeached and convicted on less evidence.

·        Well, we saw this one coming a mile off. A study done by two sociologists (need I say more?) has concluded that the big oil companies need to pay $99 trillion in climate reparations. Never mind that the whole climate change thing is a massive hoax. As Steven Hayward says, “I’m sure the Russians and Saudis will pay up promptly.”  Meanwhile, Hanoi Jane, who has gotten so much other stuff wrong over the years, blames white men for climate change. ‘We have to arrest and jail those men.’ In reality, she should haver been arrested and tried for treason over 50 years ago.

·        Hard to believe we really need to spend $1 billion or more apiece on building embassies in Baghdad, Kabul and Beirut.

·        Chat GPT apparently likes to just make stuff up.

·        From the MedicalXpress: Consuming grapes modulates the human microbiome with potential benefits for health. I’m assuming it’s OK to take in liquid form. Pinot Noir or a good Bordeaux works for me.

·        Liberals just keep doubling down on stupid ideas. Chicago Group Hired Gangsters to Be ‘Peacekeepers’ and It’s Working Out Just About the Way You Might Expect.

·        Every Company Leaving California: 2020-2023. That’s a lot! And these are only those companies with over 100 employees.

·        Liz Cheney booed delivering commencement address to Colorado College. Some turned their chairs around to face away from her. Many others, of course, clapped the whole way through her talk.

·        I’m a big fan of Young Shelton on TV. This kid is the real thing, though. 12-year-old Clovis Hung, who I assume by his name is a redneck Chinese American, just graduated from California’s Fullerton College with five degrees.  

·        CNN says work requirements are offensive to poor people. Maybe that’s why they are poor.

·        I hope he sticks to his guns. John Cleese REFUSES to remove hilarious transgender scene from ‘Life of Brian’ stage play. “I have, of course, no intention of doing so.” Good for him. If you haven’t seen it, it is the kind of ridicule badly needed. Watch the clip.

·        We are driving off a cliff, and American prosperity–our status as a developed country–is at stake. Turning America Into A Third World Country.

The mark of a developed country is reliable, affordable energy. Despite this undeniable fact, the Biden administration and what Robert Bryce calls the anti-industry industry are rushing pell-mell to destabilize our electric grid, while charging Americans more and more for less and less electricity. This impoverishment of ordinary Americans is not an unfortunate by-product of liberal energy policies. Rather, it is the central goal of those policies.

·        Kohl’s tells Bud Light ‘Hold My Beer.’ Stores, Stores Everywhere, and Not a Place to Shop.

·        George Bush, MIA. He’s been a real disappointment.

As Durham’s Report exposes the lies about RussiaGate and the truth about Obama using the FBI as his personal police unfolds, there is one silence that roars above the white noise of denial. George Walker Bush has not said a word. Not one darned word. He has been one silent lamb while the Democrat Party ran roughshod over our political institutions — weaponizing the IRS, the FBI, FISA, the media, the courts and the border.

·        There are some signs he may be right. Elon Musk warns house prices are set to plunge – and says commercial real estate is in meltdown. On the other hand, the Case-Shiller HPI was 0.7% higher in April than in March, indicating that home price declines could be over.

·        It’s entirely possible that ventilators killed far more people than COVID. Related: Israeli study shows zero young, healthy individuals died of COVID.

·        What’s really going on at the border? Migrant interviews debunk Biden’s false talking points. I feel truly sorry for many of these people, but they will ultimately need to be rounded up and repatriated. Personally, I think Mayorkas should be in the first shipment to Haiti.  

·        Joe should have switched parties before it was too late. He’s down over 20 points to his Republican challenger, WV Gov. Jim Justice.

·        My suggestion is that about 100 or so fellow Marines gradually filter in and have a flash mob while they encircle the crowd on the San Clemente Pier.

·        Diane Feinstein is more and more becoming a caricature of Weekend At Bernies. She was confused over why Kamala Harris was presiding over the Senate and asked “What is she doing here?” In reality, it is, of course, a very good question. She has absolutely no business anywhere near the seats of power.

·        State Farm will no longer write homeowner coverage in California. State blames climate change. LOL.

·        LGBTQ activists warn corporate America – ‘You need to be our ally.’ Why? You represent an incredibly small, albeit stridently vocal, percentage of the population. You suffer from gender dysphoria and a myriad of other mental illnesses. The vast majority of Americans are sick and tired of having your agenda rammed down our throats by uber liberal politicians. We are tired of the total lack of common sense involved in letting men compete with women in sports because they want to pretend to identify as women, when in reality they should identify as pluperfect idiots and fraudsters. Enough is enough. I won’t play your game or follow your rules.