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In The News for Thursday, February 2, 2023
Posted Feb 01 2023 8:12PM

You Can’t Fool All The People… An encouraging poll that shows more
and more of our fellow citizens realize that government is the problem, not the

That is the
scorecard, and the bottom line is: we need a new administration and a radically
different Congress in Washington, and new leadership in many of our states.
That is the bad news. The good news is that a lot of people have figured it

pure insanity of the greenies is... [Read More]

In The News for Wednesday, February 1, 2023
Posted Feb 01 2023 7:27AM

may remember the story of Jaime Escalante, the Bolivian-born high school math
teacher whose story was made into the film Stand and Deliver. It is a
compelling story and
contrasts starkly with what is going
on now

hard left has turned on Bill Clinton. Two leftist Princeton professors, but I
repeat myself, have written a book,
A Fabulous Failure.

Nothing so
clearly ratifies the Democratic Party’s sharp lurch to the left in recent years
than this kind... [Read More]

In The News for Tuesday, January 31, 2023
Posted Jan 31 2023 8:12AM

wouldn’t call this a very surprising revelation.
Liberals are miserable.

just keeps getting smellier and smellier.
Hunter Biden offered to sell Alcoa
classified information
on Russian oligarchs.  

idea I wholeheartedly embrace.
To Save America, Abolish the Civil

Created by
Congress, often at the urging... [Read More]

In The News for Monday, January 30, 2023
Posted Jan 30 2023 7:05AM

Week in Pictures.

should bring the Russians to the table post haste.

Abrams Tanks.jpg

20 ushered in a new Lunar New Year, the
Year of the Rabbit. The Rabbit is a symbol of
longevity, peace and prosperity in Chinese culture. According to Chinese
tradition this year is likely to be calm and gentle,... [Read More]

In The News for Friday, January 27, 2023
Posted Jan 27 2023 7:54AM

bad is it. Have we lost our minds?
Camp Of The Ain’ts. Miranda Devine of the New York Post
is one of the few journalists who have been accurate and honest about
everything from the Hunter Laptop story (which she broke) to the
current illegal immigrant invasion We need to begin forcible
repatriation and we can’t start it fast enough.

In the
controversial dystopian novel Camp of the Saints Jean Raspail imagined the
French president suffering a failure of nerve to defend the country against a
massive wave of illegal immigration. Raspail did not foresee a president who
would deny,... [Read More]

In The News for Thursday, January 26, 2023
Posted Jan 26 2023 8:00AM

Kevin McCarthy Explains. It should be pretty clear to anyone
who has followed the news for the last six years. McCarthy’s
response to reporters is great. He made it clear that he
will appoint Schiff and Swalwell to other committees. May I suggest the Capitol
Custodial Services Committee. If there isn’t one, there should be for people
like Schiff and Swalwell. Someone needs to call the police. McCarthy murdered
the reporter.

the U.S. Army isn’t the only armed service suffering from wokeness. The King’s
Royal Horse Artillery has a
CO that has trouble mounting her

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In The News for Wednesday, January 25, 2023
Posted Jan 25 2023 7:27AM

Don’t Fear The Shutdown.

 As President Joe Biden prepares to face
off with House Republicans over the U.S. government’s debt ceiling, a majority
of voters would rather have a government shutdown than to have Congress sign
off on more spending.

Voters: Go ahead, shut down
the government
. Voters... [Read More]

In The News for Tuesday, January 24, 2023
Posted Jan 24 2023 7:52AM

four-minute supercut of the mental case the Democrats have foisted on the U.S.
Meet President George Santos.

A Dobbs Leak Footnote. At this point I’m highly suspicious
that the leak was one of the liberal Justices.

Getting “There” Yet? Looks like we may be. DOJ seizes more classified documents. Oh no. Now this. It’s Over, Joe: New York Times Throws
Joe Biden Under... [
Read More]

In The News for Monday, January 23, 2023
Posted Jan 22 2023 8:04PM

Kiss My Straight, White,
Hockey-Loving A**! The LGBT Schizoids Need to Sit This One Out
. Hear, Hear. They also need to be
ridiculed non-stop.

Liberal Media Bias Is Alive and More Embarrassing Than
. Not to them, though. They are
incapable of being embarrassed.

media hacks love writing about Biden doing everyday things. Of course, it’s all
part of the “Let’s pretend his brain hasn’t left the building” ruse.

Read More]

In The News for Friday, January 20, 2023
Posted Jan 20 2023 8:12AM

case you have come to the realization that the real Fascists are on the left,
you’ll find
this review of New Deal writings illuminating.

“Anyone who
wants to look at the writings of the Brain Trust of the New Deal will find that
President Roosevelt’s advisers admired the fascist system. . .  They
thought that private ownership with government management and control a la the
Italian system was the way to go, and that has been evident in all their writings.” 

·Read More]

In The News for Thursday, January 19, 2023
Posted Jan 19 2023 8:22AM

Konstantin Kisin: A Star Is Born. Nine minutes well spent.

Why Deception Is Essential To The

ridicule is what this woman should be met with.
New Frontiers In Menstruation.  

Feist explains
(video below): “[N]ot all students who menstruate are female. We need to make
sure all... [Read More]

In The News for Wednesday, January 18, 2023
Posted Jan 18 2023 6:52AM

think we are at the point where the Democrats and their media enablers are
coming to the inescapable conclusion that
they may be past the point where they
can cover Biden’s corruption
. Ian Sams is the White House spokesman for oversight and
He is almost spazzing in place right
which would seem
to indicate the Republicans are circling the target.

New Church Committee Has A Chance To
Show How Bad The Federal Gov’t Has Gone Off The Rails

Read More]

In The News for Tuesday, January 17, 2023
Posted Jan 16 2023 12:08PM

For The Hell Of It
. If you’ve ever known a truly Pathological Liar, this is
the definition. It’s pretty clear that Joe Biden fits the parameters of this
diagnosis. He has a forty-year history of telling bald-faced lies, which the
media has been willing to ignore for the most part. His
speech Sunday at Ebenezer Baptist Church
in Atlanta was a tour de force of him
at his prevaricating best.

Biden’s speech puts me in mind of the title of
Abbie Hoffman’s 
Read More]

In The News for Saturday, January 14, 2023
Posted Jan 14 2023 9:08AM

Week In Pictures: Corvette Summer Edition
. Some WIP’s are better than
others. This one is good.

Anybody Vette This Guy? They have now found classified documents in
three different locations. I had a Top Secret clearance when I was involved in
Military Intelligence. I don’t remember the
“Corvette” standard of safeguarding classified documents.

the media is all over the story.

   President Biden doesn’t know anything about
either the... [Read More]

In The News for Friday, January 13, 2023
Posted Jan 13 2023 6:57AM

news for Tennesseans. In-N-Out, headquartered in California has announced
they are opening a Tennessee HQ and will be expanding east of the
Mississippi River. That means two iconic brands will be headquartered in
Tennessee, Krystal and In-N-Out. Fine dining at its best.

Isn’t that
interesting. Classified documents
found at second Biden location. What used to be no big deal has been elevated by the
Democrats treatment of President Trump and now it is an “exploding cigar” for
Powerline has comments. Poor Karine Jean-Pierre is, as usual, totally lost
in trying to respond to Peter Doocy.... [Read More]

In The News for Thursday, January 12, 2023
Posted Jan 11 2023 9:08PM

you read only one post in today’s blog, it should be this one. Victor
Davis Hanson: The coup we never knew
. I fervently hope there is a
reckoning of biblical proportion coming.

When did we
assume the FBI had the right to subvert the campaign of a candidate it
disliked? Was it legal suddenly for one presidential candidate to hire a
foreign ex-spy to subvert the campaign of her rival?

will remember Biden’s
to the fact that President Trump had classified documents at... [Read More]

In The News for Wednesday, January 11, 2023
Posted Jan 11 2023 8:07AM

thought walls didn’t work. Apparently, they work for me and not for thee.
Joe Biden building a wall at his Delaware Beach House.

you saw the before and after picturs you must have been amazed.
El Paso goes Potemkin. What a farce!

An interesting article in the WSJ about the differences between the
football programs at Georgia and Texas Christian. The question posed in the
Read More]

In The News for Tuesday, January 10, 2023
Posted Jan 10 2023 7:59AM
No Posts Today
In The News for Monday, January 9, 2023
Posted Jan 08 2023 9:45PM

case you are wondering what the Group of 20 accomplished last week by holding
out against McCarthy’s coronation,
here is a list. Good work.

dose of total nonsense from our senescent Dummy-In-Chief.
Biden’s comments and “plan” for handling the total FUBAR at our
Southern border. In preparation for the President’s visit, El Paso is
trying to clean up the illegal
immigrant encampments

the anniversary of Jan. 6th, the lies... [Read More]

In The News for Friday, December 6, 2023
Posted Jan 06 2023 8:03AM

If you have been
following the fight in the House over naming a new Speaker, and you are getting
your news from the mainstream media, you may not be getting the whole picture.
What they are leaving out in portraying the 20 anti-McCarthy Congressmen as a
small faction gumming up the works is that polls indicate the
majority of Republican voters agree with them.

voters are furious about the failure of their party to deliver results in 2022
— especially given the disastrous mismanagement of the country by the Biden
Administration and their allies in Congress. Voters believe the only way to
hold... [Read More]

In The News for Thursday, December 5, 2023
Posted Jan 05 2023 7:20AM

Happy New Year. 10 Scandals To
Keep Your Eye On In 2023

Well, two years into the debacle he has
Joe Biden says
it’s his ‘intention’ to visit US-Mexico border
Want to be it will be a visit with tightly scripted optics? Local demonstrators
ought to wear him out, but the media probably won’t cover that.

Read More]
In The News for Wednesday, January 4, 2023
Posted Jan 04 2023 7:56AM

you are a regular reader of my Reveille commentary, you know I was
unrelentingly positive on Energy stocks for all of 2022. Here are the top 20
performing stocks in the S&P 500 for 2022. See if you notice a common

Best S&P.png        

 H  Hiigher Oil Prices are forecast for
. We are still
recommending investors continue to significantly overweight Energy stocks.  

Dow Jones Industrial Average was down 8.78% for... [Read More]

In The News for Tuesday, January 3, 2023
Posted Jan 03 2023 7:05AM

Stone Magazine
names top 200 singers of all-time. Not even close in my opinion, but
still interesting. They have Elvis at #17. I don’t think so. And I couldn’t
even find Otis Day and the Knights.

Paul Ehrlich is still alive. I remember his book from 1968
predicting famine. He’s still on the same sheet of music, despite being wrong
for 55 years. There is a market for gloom and doom.

Read More]

In The News for Monday, January 2, 2023
Posted Jan 01 2023 5:58PM

of my favorite pieces every year.
Dave Barry’s 2022 Year in Review.

In other financial news, more
and more people are buying “
cryptocurrencies,” which appeal to investors
because the cryptocurrency market is not controlled by the government. Instead,
it is controlled by 13-year-old Justin Weeblemonger of Teaneck, N.J., who runs
the whole shebang out of his PlayStation 5. (Justin also controls airline

-  Riffed
From The Headlines: The 2022 Media Mayhem Honors

·Read More]

In The News for Friday, December 30, 2022
Posted Dec 30 2022 12:42PM

commented on Dec. 23rd about the
FBi’s reaction to being outed by Elon Musk for
their collusion with and use of Twitter to censor anything unfavorable to
Professor Jonathan Turley commented on the story.

It is not clear
what is more chilling: 
the menacing
role played by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
Twitter’s censorship program or... [Read More]

In The News for Friday, December 23, 2022
Posted Dec 23 2022 7:42AM

thoughts on Drag Queen Story Time.

Mathew 18:6 – “But whoso shall
offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him
that a millstone were hanged around his neck, and that he were drowned in the
depth of the sea.”

made a mistake and had his reindeer “vaccinated”. Now he really needs Rudolph’s

Rudolph the Red Pilled Reindeer.png

·Read More]

In The News for Thursday, December 22, 2022
Posted Dec 22 2022 7:30AM

One of the wildest pro football games
. As all-pro
cornerback Patrick Peterson said at halftime with the Vikings down 33-0, “All
we need is 5 touchdowns.” Maybe the greatest comeback in NFL history. Watch the
8 minute clip.

cure for inflation?
Hire more Dreamers. Really, Joe? This is what passes
for sanity in your administration? Never in our history have we had a president
more worthy of being impeached.

expected something different?
Congress... [Read More]

In The News for Wednesday, December 21, 2022
Posted Dec 21 2022 7:18AM

it’s a good thing that J&B Scotch isn’t my preferred brand because it just
made my permanent restricted list.
Watch the ad. I’m at a loss for words. As if that
weren’t enough,
Soulless Greens Are Trying to Ruin
Scotch Whisky
. Peat
is, after all, a fossil fuel, and you know what that means. If the folks at
Glenfiddich need an armed peat warden to shoot trespassers on sight, I hope
they have my number.  

Year in Biden Lies.
Test yourself. It only scratches the surface.

Read More]

In The News for Tuesday, December 20, 2022
Posted Dec 20 2022 7:24AM

Climax Of A Farce. I fervently hope that this proves
to be a case of these malicious politicians going a step too far and that it
will result in the kind of pushback they never considered.  

Santa tries to straighten out
that a lot
of folks get wrong.

a congenital liar isn’t something you can just turn off and on.
Joe Biden is the perfect example.

 Read More]

In The News for Monday, December 19, 2022
Posted Dec 19 2022 7:19AM

A very good Week In Pictures.

It appears that
FTX was a swindle virtually from day one.
A good article on just how screwed up it was and why young
Mr. Bankman-Fried is unlikely to see the light of day except through bars for
quite some time.

interesting comments
on COVID  vaccines and mounting evidence that the
vaccines, which aren’t really vaccines, actually
increases your risk.

Read More]

In The News for Friday, December 16, 2022
Posted Dec 16 2022 7:22AM

move, Joe. Look for the condo market in Switzerland and Paris to get a shot in
the arm.
Biden administration announces $55
billion gift for Africa

Thank goodness he’s long gone.
Boehner cries at tribute for Nancy Pelosi’s
portrait unveiling.

are looking grim at the Washington Post
. The propaganda arm of the
Democratic Party has lost 500,000 subscribers and is facing massive layoffs. I
can’t seem to work up a tear for... [Read More]

In The News for Thursday, December 15, 2022
Posted Dec 15 2022 7:42AM

Elon Is Winning. And it is hilarious to watch. Polls
indicate that while he is enraging liberals, he has the large majority of
Americans on his side.

the news of some success in the Nuclear Fusion process, environmentalists are
gearing up to oppose it. Why? Because. This quote from the ever wrong but never
in doubt Paul Erlich from about 33 years ago is one of his classics that hasn’t
exactly stood the test of time.

proponents, [Paul Ehrlich] notes,... [Read More]

In The News for Wednesday, December 14, 2022
Posted Dec 14 2022 7:37AM

Our Border Is Gone. This is due to the treasonous negligence
of our President to fulfill the duties he swore to do when he was inaugurated.
Every single Republican in the House and Senate should be screaming at the top
of their lungs and should shut down the operation of those institutions until
the problem is addressed. It would force the lamestream media to cover the
problem and I believe the hue and cry would increase as constituents began to
pressure their representatives. We need to have mass roundups and ship these
people back across the border and as far south as the roads will permit.

·Read More]

In The News for Tuesday, December 13, 2022
Posted Dec 13 2022 7:13AM

kind of expected this. Scam Bankman-Fraud Sam Bankman-Fried
is planning to testify remotely at the Congressional hearing today.
Apparently, he’s not quite ready to check into the hoosegow. Oops. Breaking
SBF has been arrested in the Bahamas, and, I assume, will be extradited.
Just for the record, he does not intend to commit suicide.

I guess when you’re known for being on the wrong side of every foreign policy
decision for your whole career
you have a reputation to maintain.

·Read More]

In The News for Monday, December 12, 2022
Posted Dec 11 2022 6:50PM

Sen Kyrsten Sinema leaves Democratic
Party to become Independent
. Now, if she will caucus with the Republicans, it will throw a real
wrench into the works for Chuck Schumer. If Manchin should join her, it would
be a real sea change.
Sinema’s Sayonara post on Powerline.

Twitter Busted Wide Open. No mention in New York Times.
I’m shocked, just shocked! Clear collusion between government and big tech to
skew an election. There should be a remedy. Prager:
The Numerous (and Sweeping) Anomalies
Regarding the 2020 Election That Cannot Be Ignored

Read More]

In The News for Friday, December 9, 2022
Posted Dec 09 2022 7:14AM

release part two. Yes,
it is every bit as bad as we thought.

this buy more and more. Elon Musk channels Ronald Reagan. Janitors’ Union
Went on Strike Outside Twitter, So
Musk Gave Them the Reagan Treatment.

this be the early sign of a return of common sense?
Vanguard Group quits ESG-oriented
‘Net Zero’ group

Read More]

In The News for Thursday, December 8, 2022
Posted Dec 08 2022 7:44AM
No Posts Today
In The News for Wednesday, December 7, 2022
Posted Dec 07 2022 7:03AM

the “Creepy Porn Lawyer” Michael Avenatti? He just got another 14-year prison
sentence added to the one he is already serving. From darling of the media and
potential Democratic presidential candidate to prison is quite a fall. Here is
a reminder of just how pathetic our mainstream media is. “The savior of the
Republic?” Yea.
This should be shown over and over. Perhaps the best quote is from
Michael himself, ‘All of my sexual fantasies involve handcuffs.” Well, he got
his wish.

Battery Storage Is A Fantasy.

Read More]

In The News for Tuesday, December 6, 2022
Posted Dec 06 2022 7:37AM

Every NPR show you’ve ever heard.

most of us figured out long ago,
Sweden got it right.

to some hysterical media reports, Trump did not call for the termination of the
Sarah Hoyt explains.

military doesn’t do away with vaccine... [Read More]

In The News for Monday, December 5, 2022
Posted Dec 05 2022 6:53AM

Kirby, Biden administration spokesman,
attends his own flogging on Fox News. Just pathetic.

Waters’ message to Sam Bankman-Friedman confirms that
“the bribes are right out in the open” now.

left’s reaction to Elon’s promise of transparency over past practices
tells you all you need to know about what went on. An open letter to Elon Musk from Jon Sutz of Multimedia
Consulting for... [Read More]

In The News for Friday, December 2, 2022
Posted Dec 02 2022 7:30AM

night the mighty Baylor Red Raiders came back and beat Nashville’s Montgomery
Bell Academy to win the Tennessee Division II Class AAA state football
tournament by a score of 38-34 at Finley Stadium. Congratulations!

just file this under the tab “You’ve Got To Be Kidding.” Republican Gov. Larry
Hogan of Maryland (Larry who?) Is
looking for supporters in a potential run for president.

is hardly surprising. The same kind of numbers show up in... [Read More]

In The News for Thursday, December 1, 2022
Posted Dec 01 2022 7:40AM

how bad is it out there?
This isn’t a good indication.

Hard Truths and Radical Possibilities. This piece by Glenn Ellmers in
American Greatness is something everyone should read. It paints a bleak, and I
believe true, picture of our current situation. It is eye opening and, I
believe correct in its assessment of what we are facing. Well worth reading. Elections,
even if conducted legitimately, no longer reflect the will of the people

In thousands of other ways, the
federal bureaucracy ignores the deliberate wishes of the American people. The
regulators, administrators, and policymakers... [Read More]

In The News for Wednesday, November 30, 2022
Posted Nov 30 2022 7:22AM

a recent update, Twitter said that effective Nov. 23
it is no longer enforcing its
COVID-10 misleading information policy
. I’d say that is a good thing in light of the fact that in
the past Twitter labeled as misinformation and censored voices that turned out
to be spot on and much more accurate that what Dr. Fauci was putting out. For
example, the effectiveness of Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, the Great Barrington
Declaration, etc.

Manhattan Contrarian:
Let’s Talk About Biden Corruption. Yes, let’s.

Read More]

In The News for Tuesday, November 29, 2022
Posted Nov 29 2022 6:00AM

The World Economy explained.

They Aimed to Make History. They Got
Kamala Harris
. From
Quadrant Online, an Australian publication.

She got her start
in politics at the tender age of twenty-nine when her romantic partner at the
time, the sixty-year-old speaker of the California state legislature, appointed
her to a high-pay, low-work sinecure on the California Medical Assistance
Commission. Nothing to see here; move along. Down with the Patriarchy.

Read More]

In The News for Monday, November 28, 2022
Posted Nov 28 2022 7:08AM

Thought For The Day: The New “New
. Seems like
an accurate take to me.

thank goodness the mainstream media is finally on the job.
CBS News Officially Confirms That
Lincoln Has Been Shot
Also, check out the other stories. They are a treasure trove of satirical

we watch the FTX scandal unfold, it just seems more and more amazing what a
total lack of due diligence was performed. Here is a great example of... [Read More]

In The News for Wednesday, November 23, 2022
Posted Nov 23 2022 7:27AM

“It Only Took Them 769 Days”. What a complete and utter disgrace. In American
Sohrab Ahmari’s column. Miranda Devine, who originally broke the story
tweeted this:

Great @SohrabAhmari: Hunter Biden's Laptop Is Still Real. The Russian
disinfo lie “was not the idle speculation of a few ex-spooks. It [justified] in
real time… the most chilling episode of state-directed private-sector
censorship in U.S. history”

Read More]

In The News for Tuesday, November 22, 2022
Posted Nov 22 2022 7:31AM

not Kevin McCarthy’s biggest fan, but this is a step in the right direction. He
has vowed to
start every day of Congress with a Prayer
and the Pledge of Allegiance
, “no exceptions.”

used to refer to Jim Cramer’s show as the Financial Gong Show. As a reminder,
here is the inimitable
Mr. Cramer referring to Sam
Bankman-Fried as the “new J.P. Morgan
and to disgraced former Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes as
comparable to Steve Jobs.

·Read More]

In The News for Friday, November 18, 2022
Posted Nov 18 2022 8:10AM

Green Energy Circles The Drain.

One of the more
laughable left-wing themes is the claim that Europe’s energy shortage will
hasten a transition to wind and solar energy. Actually, the opposite is
happening: when you are in danger of freezing to death, you don’t go shopping
for windmills that produce hardly any electricity, less than half the time.
“Green” energy is a luxury of the rich who have plenty of energy to spare.

The Smartest Guys In The... [Read More]

In The News for Thursday, November 17, 2022
Posted Nov 17 2022 7:39AM

sure he has no doubt that this is true. “Trump knows the worst the Democrats
can conjure up is coming straight at him. I don’t care what you think of Donald
Trump, the dude’s got guts. We need guts like that in public life. I wish more
had that gift.”
Victoria Taft.

Are We Completely Crazy? Not Yet. There is, however, a segment of our
population that is. 11% think that Drag Queen Story Hours are very appropriate
for children and another 10% are “not sure.” That’s 21% who need to be confined
somewhere like an island that was a... [Read More]

In The News for Wednesday, November 16, 2022
Posted Nov 16 2022 7:42AM

The next two
years are likely to be interesting. Congress appears headed for gridlock, which
the market historically likes, and with former President Trump’s announcement
last night that he is running, the Democrats and Media will continue to suffer
from severe TDS. It will be interesting to see who comes out in support and who
he has lost. I though his
was extremely Presidential sounding and made the points I wanted to
hear. There is a lot of grass between now and November 2024, though. One thing
is clear, and that is that several states need to fix their voting problems. Mass
absentee mailouts and ballot harvesting are rife with opportunities for

·Read More]

In The News for Tuesday, November 15, 2022
Posted Nov 15 2022 7:56AM

of the Day from H.L. Mencken: Democracy is the theory that the common people
know what they want – and deserve to get it good and hard

you kidding me?
Is Slow Joe wearing a Mao jacket? Unbelievable. Talk about cultural
appropriation. Maybe it was a costume party.

“Journalist” taunted for warning Elon
Musk against offending Senate Democrats

·Read More]

In The News for Monday, November 14, 2022
Posted Nov 14 2022 7:05AM

former Progressive, Joel Kotkin, has
some interesting thoughts on the
midterm elections

and what effect, or lack of effect, it might have on the Democrats. He is
essentially saying that a Progressive bloodbath has merely been postponed.

For all their
cautious optimism yesterday, a mild Midterms victory may prove the last thing
the Democrats need. If they had performed as predicted, the Democrats and their
media adjuncts would now be busily dissecting their defeat.

Grrrll writes every Friday on Powerline.... [Read More]

In The News for Friday, November 11, 2022
Posted Nov 11 2022 7:19AM

has truly gone over the edge of sanity.
Fetterman For President. Really?

pollster Scott Rasmussen says it’s time for America to mandate
all ballots be counted on Election
. Hear Hear! Here
how Florida gets voting results fast.

Horns of a Dilemma.
Nation unsure whether to support
party that runs brain-damaged candidates or party that loses to brain-damaged
. Related:
Fetterman prepares for Senate job... [Read More]

In The News for Thursday, November 10, 2022
Posted Nov 10 2022 7:55AM

Johnson of Powerline has a good piece on the election.
After Last Night.

What happened
to the red wave? It was buried in an open grave. It began and ended in Florida.
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis had a great night romping over Charlie Crist, an
opponent who has distinguished himself by losing statewide races as a
Republican, an independent, and a Democrat. Andrew Stiles gives him his due in
the Free Beacon column 
“Charlie Crist
Defends Historic... [
Read More]

In The News for Wednesday, November 9, 2022
Posted Nov 09 2022 6:44AM

looked initially like we might actually see the expected red wave as we got the
news midafternoon that Guam had elected the
first Republican delegate to U.S.
Congress in 32 years
Any euphoria on the part of Republicans was short-lived as some key races didn’t
fall as hoped and it became clear that we would not likely know the final
results for perhaps weeks. My predictions were way off, and predicated on more
sanity than some blue states displayed. There is an old adage that stupidity is
doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Michigan
and Minnesota and New York seem to be good examples. I’d be embarrassed to
admit I was from Pennsylvania. In any case, we now enter a period when the
lawyers will fight it... [Read More]

In The News for Tuesday, November 8, 2022
Posted Nov 08 2022 7:31AM

VOTE! If you
haven’t already voted, do so if you have to crawl over broken glass and walk over
hot coals. It is time for the pendulum to swing back hard and cut some people
off at the knees in the process. By late tonight we should have a good idea if
the Red Tsunami materialized. My prediction is that the GOP will have at least
a 40-seat advantage in the House, perhaps over 50, and that the Senate will be
at least 54-46 GOP, with 57-43 a possibility. I've got plenty of popcorn, a good bottle of Scotch and I'm ready to watch some returns.

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In The News for Monday, November 7, 2022
Posted Nov 07 2022 5:47AM

saw this as the perfect metaphor for the campaign of brain damaged John
All the flags fell as he began his
. And this.
Perhaps one of the worst political ads of all time.
Selling Fetterman.

voting in Nevada
could be a harbinger of good things
. Another is
this poll from Trafalger which indicated that
two thirds of independent voters believe friends and family are afraid
to say who they will actually vote for.  

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In The News for Friday, November 4, 2022
Posted Nov 03 2022 7:34PM

I Don’t Think So
. Some key races and the likely outcomes.

Those races,
with New Hampshire, net out to +4 for the GOP. Call me an optimist, but I don’t
think the Republicans’ recapture of the Senate will be a nail-biter.

swing in suburban white women has been huge
. The make up 20% of the
electorate and now favor Republicans by 15 percentage points.

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In The News for Thursday, November 3, 2022
Posted Nov 03 2022 7:28AM

about high gas prices? AAA says that properly inflated tires can save 3 cents
per gallon. Properly counted ballots can save $3/gallon. Vote Tuesday.

the New York Times channeling
Powerline? Biden Verbally Fumbles, Twice,
During Campaign Trip in Florida
. Looks like the “Dump Biden” campaign is back
on. Two years too late.
His appearance for lagging gubernatorial candidate
Charlie Crist was a “nonstop flood of lies of the disgusting and demagogic

about this... [Read More]

In The News for Wednesday, November 2, 2022
Posted Nov 02 2022 7:51AM

A great line from Chief Justice
in the
Harvard/Univ. of North Carolina Affirmative Action Case currently being argued
before the Supreme Court. Chief Justice Roberts: Yeah. We did not fight a
Civil War about oboe players

what? LOL.
The World is Transitioning to Fossil
. I have been
writing for a long time that the alleged transition from fossil fuels to
“green” energy is not happening, will not happen, and can not happen. At 
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In The News for Tuesday, November 1, 2022
Posted Nov 01 2022 8:05AM

just gotta love this guy.
New York Times tries and fails to troll Elon Musk.

All The Best People Favor Racial

This is one
more reminder of the ongoing realignment of American politics. Much as slavery
was popular with the in-crowd in all of its varieties in the years leading up
to the Civil War, today’s elites will be happy if universities continue to
discriminate on the basis of skin color, forever. Opposition comes... [Read More]

In The News for Monday, October 31, 2022
Posted Oct 30 2022 8:02PM

bizarre story of the week. The initial reports were that Nancy Pelosi’s husband
Paul, who has been in the news lately for drunk driving, was attacked by
someone who broke into his home in San Francisco and attacked him with a
hammer. Police came, caught the perpetrator, David DePape, and Paul was
transported to the hospital where he underwent surgery for a cracked cranium
and injuries to his arms and hands. The prognosis is for full recovery. Both
sides of the political spectrum were quick to condemn the attack. Ex-President
Obama, Hillary Clinton and current “President” Joe Biden immediately decried it
as being a right-wing influenced attack. There seemed to be a few holes in the
story, however, but the politicians and media have been studiously avoiding
reporting on them. Nothing to see here. Move... [Read More]

In The News for Friday, October 28, 2022
Posted Oct 27 2022 6:44PM

on the Green Energy scam from Powerline on Goldman Sachs Global Head of
Commodities Research, Jeff Currie. $3.8
Trillion, For…
And this: Bad
Energy Policy Ideas Never Die
. From Michael Ramirez: Put
Me In, Coach

being the CEO who is responsible for
your company losing $764 billion in market capitalization
. Mark Zuckerberg,
the uber woke CEO of Meta Platforms (AKA Facebook) may hold the all-time record
for wealth destruction. Wonder if he’d like to have some of that money back he
used to help throw the 2020 elections? Pardon me while I wipe off some big ole
crocodile tears.

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In The News for Thursday, October 27, 2022
Posted Oct 27 2022 8:00AM

betting markets were close to even when the Fetterman/Oz “debate” started.
After one hour,
things were drastically different. Other debates were bizarre or
non-existent as several Democrats have avoided being pinned down like the
Debate Follies.

America’s Worst Drunk and a

Back to
Hillary’s obvious mental unwellness. She’s got the crazy eyes going again in the
video. It never ceases to amaze me that Democrats don’t see that. Or maybe they
do and they’re... [Read More]

In The News for Wednesday, October 26, 2022
Posted Oct 26 2022 7:50AM

Who Is Our President? If you saw this you have to be
scratching your head wondering how this guy even manages to dress himself.
Maybe he doesn’t. It’s getting worse, if that’s possible.
Our President [?] Explains.

you haven’t seen any of these
Babylon Bee film clips about Californians moving to Texas,
they are hilarious!

mean after all the hoopla…
Biden’s marijuana pardons freed not
one person
. Got
that? NOT... [Read More]

In The News for Tuesday, October 25, 2022
Posted Oct 25 2022 7:29AM

very good article in American Greatness by the inimitable Victor Davis Hanson.
Will ‘Democracy Die in Darkness’
After November?

Yes, the Democrats will soon
chant democracy is dying because they are terrified it is thriving as never
before. And that grass-roots resurgence is mostly because Republicans are no
longer so easily stereotyped as the out-of-touch party of aristocratic Mitt
Romneys and condescending 
Bill Kristols

They fear not what Republican
majorities may actually do, but what they would do if they were
Republicans and suddenly gained the Congress after being smeared by the party
in power. 

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In The News for Monday, October 24, 2022
Posted Oct 23 2022 6:16PM

Week in Pictures
starts off a little slow but pick up nicely.

to Joe. Come in, Joe? If you saw
this, it can only be described as
bizarre. We’re fast approaching 25th Amendment time.

for Joe, this is a remarkable case of gaslighting. Do the Democrats really
think we are that stupid? Answer: Obviously, yes. The
Unmitigated Gall of Joe Biden Claiming That He “Lowered” Debt

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In The News for Friday, October 21, 2022
Posted Oct 21 2022 7:51AM

A Star Is Born. Kari Lake schools interviewer. This
woman is likely destined to be on the national stage at some point.

is about as red as it gets right now. Robert Cahaly, who runs the Trafalgar
polling operation, has said that
he isn’t polling in Florida because he doesn’t think there are
any serious races there. Charlie Crist has become a walking, talking joke and
Val Demings, the far leftwinger who is challenging Rubio, doesn’t have a prayer.

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In The News for Thursday, October 20, 2022
Posted Oct 20 2022 7:05AM

·         ·       
voted yesterday on the first day for early voting. Traffic was steady, but not
heavy at my polling place.

 S   Sen. Grasley, the top Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, has requested documents from the FBI that a whistleblower alerted him to.
They apparently concern a $5 million interest free loan from China that may
have been forgiven. The more that is revealed, the more it appears that we may
have the makings of a... [Read More]

In The News for Wednesday, October 19, 2022
Posted Oct 19 2022 7:19AM

Get Woke, Be Downgraded? BlackRock, Inc. is getting some well
deserved pushback as a result of their leadership of the ESG movement. Any
company espousing this is automatically on my restricted list.

if Joe bothered to step out of his hotel while he was in Portland? He might
reconsider endorsing the governor if he had.
What a disaster!

Hitting the Panic Button. If the Black vote hits 20% it’s
lights out for... [Read More]

In The News for Tuesday, October 18, 2022
Posted Oct 18 2022 7:51AM

of sounds like someone may have had about enough. Jamie Dimon on “woke”
“Investors don’t’ give a s**t.” You got that one right, Jamie.

The libs are having a tough time with
Kari Lake
and I’m
loving it.

Love J.K. Rowling’s reply to a troll trying to cancel her.

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In The News for Monday, October 17,2022
Posted Oct 16 2022 2:52PM

The Week in Pictures: Effing-Biden

quote from Slow Joe that clearly confirms his senility,
“Whatever Maxime Says, I Agree With.”

Head-On Crash At The Intersection.

[W]hen hundreds
of Muslim parents, upset at gay porn in the school libraries, showed up to a
school board meeting in Dearborn,... [Read More]

In The News for Friday, October 14, 2022
Posted Oct 14 2022 7:07AM

looking forward to this.
On Saturday and Sunday on OAN there will be several free showings
of 2000 Mules. Times are 7am, 4pm, 11pm and 3am.

Saudis have confirmed that Joe attempted to coerce them into postponing cuts
until after the midterms.
They told him to pound sand.

interesting article from The Atlantic about the lives and careers of
& Roy

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In The News for Thursday, October 13, 2022
Posted Oct 13 2022 8:16AM

know a lot of you wonder how our elected representatives and civil servants
manage to get rick while working for the government.
A Wall Street Journal investigation of corruption in
the federal government
sheds some light on it. Insider trading is rife. Blatant insider trading
that you or I would go to jail over.

anticipation of what is getting ready to take place in November,
Democrats begin to blame GOP fraud if
they lose
. Good luck
on that one. If I am right, and we are about to see the biggest electoral
rebuke in our history, you can bet the... [Read More]

In The News for Wednesday, October 12, 2022
Posted Oct 11 2022 7:59PM

Gabbard’s conscience finally moved her to leave the Democratic Party. I can think
of a few more like her that should take the same step, and she invited them to
join her. Her
was concise and pointed.

I can no longer
remain in today’s Democratic Party that is now under the complete control of an
elitist cabal of warmongers driven by cowardly wokeness, who divide us by
racializing every issue & stoke anti-white racism, actively work to
undermine our God-given freedoms, are…

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In The News for Tuesday, October 11, 2022
Posted Oct 11 2022 7:20AM

of the Week: A free market is a naturally sustainable ecosystem that
utilizes resources in very efficient ways. Government is the opposite, with
incentives encouraging waste. Government failure is the most dangerous threat
to our environment and economy.
– Brian Wesbury.

Real Clear Politics now has the
Republicans taking the Senate
with a 52-48 majority by picking up Nevada and Arizona. I
think it could be 53-47. We’ll see. They currently have the
House at 220-180 with 35 toss ups. 218 are needed for a majority.

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In The News for Monday, October 10, 2022
Posted Oct 09 2022 6:10PM

particularly good
Week In Pictures: Puerto Rican

the Washington Free Beacon initiated its popular weekly series depicting
“Joe Biden’s Senior Moment of the Week” they were worried about having
material every week. That hasn’t turned out to be a problem.

Toddlers In Charge. Good description.

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In The News for Friday, October 7, 2022
Posted Oct 07 2022 2:10AM

of the Week. An LSU fan put in his place by a Tennessee fan. I LMAO.

Rocky Top.png

is unbelievable just how desperate the mainstream media, press and networks,
are to suppress what should be blaring 24/7, and would be if it involved a
Republican. To call it a bombshell is to downplay it.
Bobulinski Against The Machine. It seems pretty clear that the FBI
purposely influenced the 2020 election. They need a thorough scouring. I’d like
to see someone like Matt Gaetz head up the committee.

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In The News for Thursday, October 6, 2022
Posted Oct 06 2022 7:23AM

two quotes about Joe Biden that have proven presciently accurate are both from
people who worked closely with him and knew him well. President Barrack Obama: “Don’t
underestimate Joe’s ability to F**k thing up.”
Robert Gates, Secretary of
Defense under both Presidents Bush and Obama: “Joe Biden has been wrong on
nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past
four decades.”
Remind yourself of these two quotes every now and then when
you wonder how things could have possibly gotten so screwed up.

Has Kamala been using this show as a
It’s uncanny.
As Steven Hayward says, even Hollywood has... [Read More]

In The News for Wednesday, October 5, 2022
Posted Oct 05 2022 7:25AM

of the Week:

I have found from many observations
that our liberals are incapable of allowing anyone to have his own convictions
and immediately answer their opponent with abuse or something worse.
– Dostoyevsky, The Idiot

we’ve gotten our money’s worth?
We’ve spent $3.8 trillion on
renewable energy
Ten years ago fossil fuels represented 82% of energy consumption. Now it
represents 81%.

Update on Biden’s night flights of illegal aliens. Meanwhile,... [Read More]

In The News for Tuesday, October 4, 2022
Posted Oct 03 2022 7:32PM

She loves Venn Diagrams. Just shoot me.

rates have declined 75% from a year ago.
Cargo Shipowners Cancel Sailings as
Global Trade Flips From Backlogs to Empty Containers
. And Fedex is parking planes.

carry insurance business booming
as more Americans pack heat. Poll show a
clear inverse relationship between crime rates and increased carry permits.  

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In The News for Monday, October 3, 2022
Posted Oct 02 2022 5:48PM

high school football rivalry that Sports Illustrated
has called the top one in the U.S. took place Friday evening on a cool, clear
perfect night for football at Red Etter Stadium on the Baylor campus to an SRO
crowd. The Baylor Red Raiders, ranked number two in the state,
snatched victory in the fourth quarter from the McCallie
Blue Tornado, ranked number three in the state. McCallie led the whole game and
was up 27-17 going into the fourth quarter. With 11:33 to go, Baylor picked up
a McCallie fumble and ran it in for a 35-yard touchdown. Another turnover on
what looked like a sure touchdown for McCallie, and a Baylor 65 yard touchdown pass/run,
and the final score was 31-27 Baylor. GBR. ’66. Ranking
Baylor/McCallie Among the... [
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In The News for Friday, September 30, 2020
Posted Sep 30 2022 7:48AM

new Rasmussen poll finds that 57% of Americans believe
it is likely that we will have a 1930’s type depression at some time over the
next few years. If that is the case, I find it hard to believe that any of them
will vote Democrat in the midterms, making a red tsunami more and more likely.

by the time he has to run for reelection in 2024 a viable alternative will
GOP Senators baffled by Mitt Romney’s ploy to oust Mike
Lee – and maybe thwart a majority.  

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In The News for Thursday, September 29, 2022
Posted Sep 28 2022 8:42PM

call a spade a spade. The Green New Deal, or as I prefer, the Green Nude Eel,
is not going to happen in our or our children’s lifetimes. It is a scam designed
to line the pockets of politicians and their supporters and promoted by people
who haven’t the slightest grasp of what is involved. Ever wonder why you don’t
see any real debates on the subject between supporters and deniers? It is
because the narrative would be quickly destroyed. Does anyone with more than a
room temperature IQ believe California can support a populace forced to drive
EV’s that they can’t even recharge without crashing the grid? Ask one of those
dolts where the power comes from to charge the vehicles. Can you spell C-o-a-l-?
One of my favorite memes is the picture... [Read More]

In The News for Wednesday, September 28, 2022
Posted Sep 28 2022 7:42AM

pendulum seems to have begun its swing, beginning in Europe with Poland and
Hungary and now Sweden and Italy.
Liberals are Freaking Out Over Italy (love that picture of Orban and
Meloni). As Steven Hayward points out, “Populism” means whenever the wrong
person or cause wins a free election. The corollary is that every Republican
candidate for president is Hitler, and now we learn that every Italian
conservative is Mussolini.”
My new wish is to see a summit meeting in 2024
that includes either President Trump or DeSantis and British Prime Minister
Truss, Hungarian Prime Minister Orban, Italian Prime Minister Meloni and Polish
Prime Minister Morawiecki. Perhaps by then either Le Pen or Zemmour from France
can join in. Can you even imagine the head spinning that would take place?

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In The News for Tuesday, September 27, 2022
Posted Sep 27 2022 8:07AM

continue to believe that the midterm elections are going to be probably the
largest electoral rebuke of a ruling party in our history. The ABC
News/Washington Post poll indicates that
only 35% of Democrats want Joe to run
in 2024
. That’s
probably overstated by
those who tell pollsters they will
vote for Joe
order to try and hold up their party as still a viable alternative. As John
Hinderaker says, it probably means his realistic approval rate is around 30%.

paraphrase Johnny Paycheck,
Take That Shot And Shove it. Only about 1.5% of eligible
citizens have gotten... [Read More]

In The News for Monday, September 26, 2022
Posted Sep 26 2022 6:55AM

The Week In Pictures: Martha’s
Vineyard Sequel

reason why November 8 can’t come soon enough and more reason to hope that a red
tsunami engulfs Washington, D.C.
The DOJ and FBI have to be
dismembered and rebuilt

This big-time L.A. attorney was apparently Avenatti’s role
model. So far, it appears that the Democrats who benefitted intend to keep the
money. They include Biden, Obama, Hillary, Eric Swalwell and several others.

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In The News for Friday, September 23, 2022
Posted Sep 22 2022 9:55PM

finally has the guts to say
out loud what everyone knows
. Black racism is a poisonous growth in our
society. The criminal element in the black community, estimated to be about 4%,
is also estimated to be responsible for about half the violent crime in the
United States. Should they venture too far away from their protected turf, they
might eventually run into a terminal 3-S solution,
a classic rural solution known as Shoot, Shovel and Shut Up.

hint of things to come? GOP
eyes Biden family business dealings
as president insists there’s nothing to
see. Joe isn’t exactly the source I would trust... [Read More]

In The News for Thursday, September 22, 2022
Posted Sep 21 2022 8:48PM

good a comment of the reaction of locals in Martha’s Vineyard not to pass on. Footage
from South Beach

On Incoherence
. That’s an understatement. As someone has said, he has half
a mind to be president. What he has allowed to take place at our southern
border is nothing short of treasonous. Solving the problems he has created won’t
be easy, and rounding up and expelling a few million illegal immigrants is
going to cause some real top of the lungs screaming by the liberals. It's
unfortunate that there are just too many to take a case-by-case approach. As
the old saying goes, when... [Read More]

In The News for Wednesday, September 21, 2022
Posted Sep 21 2022 7:35AM

A fair review of Slow Joe’s 60 Minutes
. The NewsBusters headline
was a great description.
State-Run TV: 60 Minutes Drools Over Biden in Syrupy

This is quintessential Biden. Lying, gaslighting,
emphatic, nasty, denying reality while in the same breath denying he's denying
reality. It is so out of the bounds of normal behaviour that people discount it
or blame their own perception

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In The News for Tuesday, September 20, 2022
Posted Sep 19 2022 7:10PM

This should be
bold headlines on every newspaper and mainstream media news show. Vaccine
Narrative Collapses as Harvard Study Shows Jab
More Dangerous than COVID
. More and more will continue to come out
showing just how duplicitous the government bureaucracies, politicians and the
pharmaceutical industry has been. Think about this fact. In Europe: “The
country with the lowest vaccination rate has the lowest excess mortality rate
and the country with the highest vaccination rate has the highest excess

Who in the world
though that turning
Mr. 10% loose on 60 Minutes
was a good idea? What a mess! Even with
a softball interviewer who failed to... [Read More]

In The News for Monday, September 19, 2022
Posted Sep 18 2022 8:55PM
I feel better already.
With all the problems we face, it’s nice to be assured by Kamala and Karine
Jean Pierre that
we have competent people on the job. ROTFLMAO! As Steven Hayward says, maybe The GOP Learning How To Fight
Gov. Abbott and
Gov.DeSantis have pretty much forced a recalcitrant media to cover the illegal
immigration story. As usual, the Babylon Bee was quick to take up the subject.
Martha’s Vineyard Resident Calls
Police To Report A Hispanic In The Neighborhood Not Operating A Leaf Blower
DeSantis Airlines.png

·      ·       
the... [Read More]

In The News for Friday, September 16, 2022
Posted Sep 16 2022 7:47AM

Harris had the gall to tell Chuck Todd on Meet The Press that “The border is
secure.” Having never been there, despite being tasked by Slow Joe to oversee
our border operations, she obviously believes we are all idiots and that she
can lie through her teeth and not be called out by the media. Unfortunately,
she’s right. Chuck just let her ridiculous comment slide. Texas Gov. Abbott, on
the other hand, made his point another way.
He had a busload of illegal aliens
dropped of in front of her residence
at the Naval Observatory in Washington, D.C. what a
brilliant way to point out her perfidy!

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In The News for Thursday, September 15, 2022
Posted Sep 15 2022 7:31AM

Biden Gets A Clue. Read the whole thing for a good
synopsis of what is going on in Europe. It’s hard to see how this has a happy

Biden’s Depletion of the Strategic
Petroleum Reserve Is Reaching Crisis Levels
. He just released a record 8.4mb this week.

Who’s Extreme? This video does a good job of
exposing the insanity of Joe’s world view.

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In The News for Wednesday, September 14, 2022
Posted Sep 14 2022 7:22AM

single one of these that I am aware of has turned out to be a hoax.
CNN: ‘It feels like there was a rush
to judgement’ on the Duke volleyball story
. Ya think? More on Powerline: Time For Equal Expectations.

less than 60 day to go before the midterm elections, the Dems badly want them
to be a referendum on Trump and
not on their bungling dolt-in-chief, Biden. The Media are, of course,
compliant. I don’t think it’s going to work.

·Read More]

In the News for Tuesday, September 13, 2022
Posted Sep 13 2022 7:59AM

to our incoherent nitwit of a Vice President,
“The Border Is Secure.” That was her claim on Democratic
operative Chuck Todd’s Meet the Press show on Sunday. You might think that she
would have been prepared for that question, but you would be wrong. As Scott
Johnson so aptly says, “She is a glorified idiot one heartbeat away from the
job currently occupied by the guy with half a mind to be president.”

Charles is now King Charles III. He’s still, unfortunately, a nitwit
climatista, and not known as an intellectual giant, but in his favor is the
fact that his favorite whisky... [Read More]

In The News for Monday, September 12, 2022
Posted Sep 11 2022 4:02PM

Corbyn is a British astrophysicist and founder of Weather Action. He was
interviewed on BBC to comment on the recent heat wave
and it didn’t go quite as planned. It’s absolutely hilarious!

For Malarkey
. Holy Cow! These people really do think we’re stupid. On
Friday the White House released the “Biden-Harris Economic Blueprint.”

   The latest Biden victory lap is the
administration’s most shameless strutting of 2022. The White House Friday
issued a 58-page Biden-Harris Economic Blueprint that... [Read More]

In The News for Friday, September 9, 2022
Posted Sep 09 2022 7:29AM

Return Of The Ice Age

To Europe,
anyway. Years of horrible decisions by European leaders have come home to
roost, as Europeans now worry about how to heat their homes this winter.
Reliance on a geopolitical enemy for much of their energy turned out to be a
mistake, as Russia has now shut off gas supplies. Who could have predicted it?
Other than anyone with a modicum of common sense? Which Europe’s governing
class has lacked for many years.

The saddest
aspect of this story is... [Read More]

In The News for Thursday, September 8, 2022
Posted Sep 08 2022 7:10AM

to “I’m Done With Portland.”
Portland, RIP. I’m reminded of the old saying that
what can’t continue, won’t. Makes me wonder if buying Portland real estate
might be a good contrarian play. It would certainly take some patience. So far
the politicians and inhabitants haven’t been motivated to address the problems
with the severity that will be required.

The Green Revolution Is Impossible. Of course it is. Germany should be
a good model for failure, one that California seems intent on following.

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In The News for Wednesday, September 7, 2022
Posted Sep 07 2022 7:16AM

Done With Portland.
Residents are selling their homes. Who to?

A Bad Day For KJP. Election denial? Who me? One person
who knows how to handle liberal reporters seems to be
Kari Lake.

Climate change overwhelming California power grid. Yea, right.
Read on.

·Read More]

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