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In The News for Friday, April 1, 2022
Posted Apr 01 2022 7:15AM

·        Goodbye, Disney. You are dead to me.

·        Dems dream of ousting DeSantis. Good luck. He’s bulletproof.

·        So far, I haven’t seen a single one that wasn’t a hoax.

·        This should become a trend. This university is shuttering its Office of Equity and Inclusion.

·        Pointless Idiocy. Good description of Slow Joe’s desperate solution to higher gas prices. Is Biden panicking? It would appear that he is, or at least his handlers are. Two words…Keystone Pipeline.  

·         Good for them. Big Oil CEO’s decline price gouging hearing invitation.

·        Another stupid idea crashes and burns. The “Billionaire Tax” aborts on takeoff.

·        How Fake Can You Get? If it’s the Washington Post or New York Times, pretty fake. WAPO has now authenticated Hunter’s laptop after dismissing ‘fake’ scandal in 2020. Apparently, the federal probe into Hunter is “broader than previously known.” Glad to hear it. Reaching the point where even the MSM cannot ignore it, try as they will. With their ratings irretrievably in the tank and pretty much non-existent, even CNN has decided to throw Hunter under the bus.   

·        We have lost our minds. These people need to be stood against the wall. Literally. Biden administration endorses transgender youth sex-change operations.

·        LOL. CNN learns that no sane individuals will pay to watch CNN’s new streaming service. Layoffs planned. Chris Wallace could not be reached for comment.

·        Is there a bigger media hack than consummate lightweight John Harwood? He’s being roasted for claiming there is ‘zero evidence’ tying Biden to his son’s wrongdoings.

·        The RNC’s ‘Unchecked’ video series exposes the horrors of Biden’s border crisis. That issue alone should result in an overwhelming rout for the Democrats in November.

·        A fascinating character you’ve probably never heard of, John von Neumann, one of ‘The Martians’ at Los Alamos.

·        As if watching Joe trying to manage public speaking, watching Kackling Kamala’s word salads is just getting progressively more painful.