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In The News-Weekend Edition-May 30, 2021
Posted May 30 2021 10:53AM

·       Why you stand for the National Anthem.

·       The Week in Pictures: Media Leak Edition

·       My vote for non-Woke company of the year goes to Black River Meats of North Springfield, VT for the cooking instructions on the back of their bacon packages. Not photo-shopped. Unfortunately, they only distribute in the New England area or I’d be stocking up.

·       Not to be too nepotistic, but my son tweeted something that I loved. You might imagine the acorn doesn’t fall too far from the tree.

·       Australian newscaster has a few words for young climatistas. Here is the clip. Seen this guy before. Wish he was on a major U.S. Network.

·       I mean who wouldn’t rush down to their nearest Army recruiter after seeing this ad? The Army’s version of Heather Has Two Mommies. We are almost inviting the Chinese or Russians to test our mettle. Veterans are fed up with the Armed Forces swerve into wokeness. The kind of thing that results in military coups in other countries.

·       Interesting trend. According to Gov. DeSantis, People Moving to Florida ‘Overwhelmingly’ Registering as Republicans, Including Democrats.  

·       I don’t think this is even open to question. Anthony Fauci is unhinged, untrustworthy, and unqualified.

·       Despite the Biden administration’s dissembling and Border Czar Kamala Harris’ silence, it is obvious to anyone that the crisis at the Southern Border is a crisis of gigantic proportions. Actually, as bad as it appears to be, it may actually be far worse. Not a very comforting realization.  

·       Commie Alert! Don Grotting, Superintendent of Schools in Beaverton, OR has suggested that any teachers not on board with the “anti-racism” movemen seek work elsewhere.

·       Just how unhinged and out of touch with reality is our Fraudulency-In-Chief? Pretty far gone. Basic Economics has never really been the guiding light for most Democrats, has it?

·       The management at Exxon has tried to have it both ways instead of standing firm against the climate nonsense. Now they are paying a price. You can’t give an inch to these radicals or try to mollify them by paying lip service to their made up crap. Hope they have learned their lesson and that it is not too late.a

·       This doesn’t fit the narrative, does it? Don’t look for coverage in the mainstream media. Armed teacher thwarts kidnapping at Utah elementary school.

·       Biden’s brain implodes again with Math, Facts and all that Confusing Stuff. When it is eventually proven that Biden did not actually win the election, and it will eventually be proven, those responsible should be executed for treason.

·       Update on Election Audits. Lots happened last week, and this is a thorough look at it. Long but revealing. I expect lots more to come. Ultimately, we could see one or more of the election results de-certified. The lights seem to be on and the cockroaches are scurrying around.

·       The worst play in baseball history? Hard to disagree.

·       Hillary bets she can pull off the Dopeler Effect, claims officer was killed on Jan. 6. She continues to reinforce her position in the annals of despicability. As Churchill said, a lie can make it halfway around the world before the truth gets one leg in its pants. People like Hillary count on this.

·       Is Race Discrimination Illegal? The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Biden’s overtly discriminatory Restaurant Revitalization Fund was just that. For the next few years, the courts are going to be a vital battleground as the Democrats try to run roughshod over the Constitution in service of their political agenda.

·       When it comes to college admissions, your skin color is a lot more important that getting 1600 on your SAT’s.

·       The news just keeps coming out and the mainstream media keeps trying their best to ignore it. Hunter Biden bragged about smoking crack with Marion Barry