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In The News for Thursday, September 3, 2020
Posted Sep 03 2020 7:56AM

·       As Larry the Cable Guy says, I don’t care who you are, this is funny.

·       Speaking of funny. Atty. Gen. Barr was  unable to keep a straight face after Wolf Blitzer insisted that CNN is “fair and balanced” during interview.

·       A Timely Message on Mob Rule from Abraham Lincoln. Very good article.

·       You might have seen Herschel Walker speak at the RNC. Here is his son with a message.

·       Idaho, one of my favorite states, moves toward sanity like South Dakota.

·       Kenosha residents lined the streets for over 15 miles[JW1]  to see President Trump on his visit Tuesday. Put Wisconsin in the red column. Remember, the governor wanted him to stay away. Looks like everyone else was pretty excited by his visit.  

·       Who knows? Maybe it will happen after all. Fans of train wrecks are waiting breathlessly. The Debate Schedule has been set.  

·       Frontier Airlines told an Air Marshall to remove his American Flag face mask because other passengers might find it offensive. Really? What the hell is happening here? Apparently Black Lives Matter masks were OK.

·       Just get ready for this. I mentioned it yesterday. Dems are laying the groundwork to contest another election.

·       How truly pathetic is this? Northwestern Law School recently began a town hall meeting by having everyone denounce themselves as being racist. I believe there is a massive backlash developing. Northwestern is by no means unique among “woke” law schools. One mom told a friend that on her son’s first day in graduate school for architectural design, the professor told his students, “If you support President trump you should get out now.” Wish I had been in that class.

·       The Thought Police are hard at work. Google refuses to show negative search suggestions about Black Lives Matter.  

·       Arch Grand Duchess Pelosi Von Blow Wash caught red-handed ignoring rules she insists that others follow. Somehow her tweet didn’t have the ring of truth. She “didn’t know she’d done anything wrong.” Kind of interesting how the press reported the story. Not surprising, though. For her part, Nancy was livid that she was caught and blames the salon owner for “setting her up.” Yeah, Right, Nancy. The reality is that she can pretty much use any excuse, regardless how ridiculous, and know that she won’t be called out by a compliant press.

·       Like the old chewing gum ad where you get two for one, here is a split screen of Slow Joe on Fracking.  

·       Harris and Biden staffers donated to bail out rioters. Here is what one did. The helped bail out Lionel Timms who was re-arrested for an alleged assault that left the victim with a fractured skull and traumatic brain injury. And just to show that one wasn’t a one-off, here’s another. Ever heard of the Travel Act. It may bite some rioters good and hard.

·       The Drudge Report has gone off the rails. I recommend and along with the new  

·       Can they just go one day without displaying total insanity? As Stephen Kruiser calls it, “Your Daily Democrat Dose of Dementia.

·       You might recall the press hysteria over the Sturgis motorcycle rally this year and the dire predictions about an inevitable outbreak of the Wuhan Virus. Haven’t heard much lately, have you? Wonder why? Maybe the outcome didn’t fit the narrative[JW2] . More people died of fatal motorcycle crashes than from COVID. I tend to agree with Dennis Prager. The Lockdown Has Gone From a Mistake to a Crime. Here’s another look. Criminal Incompetence or Worse: America’s Failed Ruling Class and Our Lockdown Dystopia.  

·       BLM vandals strike Graceland. I expect there are more Elvis fans than either registered Democrats or Republicans. They just pushed a lot of Independent Elvis fans into the red column.

·       Hilarious! As Treacher says, the stage 3 TDS sufferers would vote for a glad bag full of moist garbage. Not Even Animal Crossing Is Safe from the Biden Campaign. Some funny clips.

·       Putting a political sign in your yard used to be acceptable and didn’t trigger your neighbors even if they supported the other candidate. They could just put a competing sign in their own yard. Not anymore. Makes me want to put a neon sign on my roof.

·       I quite agree. I don’t want one dime of my taxes going to support NPR.

·       The Green New Deal? A funny take. As Trump put it, “Let’s rip down a building and build a new one with no windows.” Remember that McConnell offered to bring it up for a vote last year and the Dems wanted nothing to do with having to show their hand publicly[JW3] .

·       The New York Times is getting torched for their ‘unbelievable framing of left-wing terrorist riots.’

·       More “Get Woke Go Broke” as MTV video music awards suffers ratings collapse. At some point these folks will figure out that the vast majority of Americans don’t look to entertainers and athletes for their political guidance.

·       This is too funny for words. I mentioned last week the author of the ridiculous book In Defense of Looting and the equally ridiculous NPR interview with he author. Now a pdf file of the book has been downloaded over the internet and they are asking permission to publish it and distribute it for free. In other words, loot the book. This is what is referred to a “being hoist by your own petard.” So far, no answer from the publisher. ROTFLMAO!