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In The News for Thursday, October 6, 2022
Posted Oct 06 2022 7:23AM

·        The two quotes about Joe Biden that have proven presciently accurate are both from people who worked closely with him and knew him well. President Barrack Obama: “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to F**k thing up.” Robert Gates, Secretary of Defense under both Presidents Bush and Obama: “Joe Biden has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.” Remind yourself of these two quotes every now and then when you wonder how things could have possibly gotten so screwed up.

·        Unbelievable! Has Kamala been using this show as a guide? It’s uncanny. As Steven Hayward says, even Hollywood has figured out Kamala won’t fly.

·        He’s Baaaaaack! Elon looks like he may wind up with Twitter, after all. I hope so if only to sit back and enjoy the mass mental breakdown of Twitter’s liberal employees.

·        This is the kind of nitwit that Biden appoints to jobs that shouldn’t even exist. The Treasury Dept’s new Racial Equity Committee’s Vice Chair wants to defund police, ’center race’ in all policy. We can’t get these idiots out of government fast enough. Hopefully they can be neutered by a Republican House and Senate.

·        How often or rare are “good guy with a gun” events? More prevalent than you might think if you rely on the media.  The FBI has apparently been underreporting these events by a factor of 10X. Evidence is that they are not rare and may be involved in a third or more of the attacks.

In looking over FBI cases between 2014-2021, he found that some 34% were stopped by armed citizens, not the 4% cited by the FBI and often used by the media to dismiss the importance of legally armed citizens.

·        Good. This is what has to happen to bring this stuff to a halt. 12 Federal judges join boycott, refuse to hire Yale students as law clerks.

·        Anti-ESG Movement Gains Momentum. Good. It should be eviscerated.

·        Biden has been quick to take credit for falling gas prices. Rising prices, not so much. “It’s nuanced.” ROTFLMAO!

·        Cat got your tongue, boys? Fox News reporter directly confronts DHS Secretary, Democrats over border crisis. Their silence is deafening. I don’t think Americans will be so silent on November 8th. I believe they will speak loudly and clearly.

·        Deterrence By Denial is the answer to what we do about North Korea. Article by retired Lt. Gen. Wallace Gregson, USMC.

 Lieutenant General Wallace “Chip” Gregson joined The Roosevelt Group as a Senior Advisor after over 30 years of service in the U.S. Marine Corps. Prior to retirement, Chip served as the Assistant Secretary of Defense, Asian and Pacific Security Affairs. He also served as Commanding General of Marine Corps Forces Pacific and Marine Corps Forces Central Command, where he led and managed over 70,000 Marines and Sailors in the Middle East, Afghanistan, East Africa, Asia, and the United States.

·        Nice Tackle! Bobby Wagner flattens protester that ran on field.

·        This doesn’t bode well for Europe. AdBlue shortage could bring trucking industry to a screeching halt.

·        Remember that video clip of the German delegation laughing when President Trump told them what would happen if they relied on Nordstream and renewables? They aren’t laughing now. German minister criticizes U.S. over ‘astronomical’ natural gas prices.

·        I’m liking her more and more. Liz Truss ‘advised King Charles to not give speech at upcoming climate summit.’

·        The White House has released a picture of President Biden implementing his comprehensive Energy Policy.

Biden Energy Policy.png