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In The News for Wednesday December. 24.. 2020
Posted Dec 22 2020 11:18PM

·       I’ll never forget the Christmas I spent in Vietnam in 1971. I may be the only time in my life that I’ve ever been homesick imagining my big family by the fireplace opening presents. My favorite Christmas song has always been I’ll Be Home For Christmas. I hope you all have a Very Merry Christmas.   

·       The Coronavirus Relief Bill was a massive 5,000 page bill chocked full of pork (no painkillers for racehorses and “gender programs” for Pakistan) and aid to foreign countries. By one estimation it is about one quarter relief and three quarters pork. It should have been about one or two pages at most, written in plain English that anyone could understand, but then it would have been hard for Congress to do what it always does. I hope we see some massive rebellion in the 2022 elections that replaces a lot of politicians who have no business representing us. A great quote from Alexis de Tocqueville: “The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public’s money.”

·       I know you are all thrilled by this little item in the bill. Are you kidding me? Congress needs to be lined up and every last one of them who voted for this caned.  

·       Insanity Wrap #112. What is $900 billion divided by 330 million Americans? $2,727, but you’re only getting $600, rube.

·       As Stephen Green says, the country is in  the best of gender nonbinary, hyperpartisan normal human hating hands.

·       Oregon calls out the police for crowd control, finally. Not for the Antifa and BLM thugs who have turned Portland into a dystopia, but for citizens protesting at the State Capitol against the draconian lockdowns and against an unconstitutional legislative session that excluded public oversight. As I’ve been predicting, people are beginning to take to the streets with lanterns and pitchforks.

·       Why I will not accept Joe Biden as president: Newt Gingrich.   My unwillingness to relax and accept that the election was over grew out of a level of outrage and alienation unlike anything I had experienced in more than 60 years involvement in public affairs. You should read this article. It clearly lays out the reasons why we aren’t anywhere near just rolling over and accepting what is happening.

·       Democrats Feel Gloomy Over Election. They should.

·       Romney baffled that 2024 GOP contenders “are trying to become as much like Donald Trump as they can be.” I think it’s safe to say the Romney just doesn’t have a clue.

·       Nancy Pelosi interviewed by Wolf Blitzer and has a meltdown too amazing to miss. She represents all that is despicable in politics.

·       What’s the fastest way to reload your revolver? Personally, I think the fastest way is to carry a semi-auto with a double stacked clip and a plus 2 extention. That gives you 17 in the clip and one in the chamber, letting you pull the trigger 18 times before you have to reload.   

·       Another Californian hits the road. Famed tatoo artist Kat Von D is leaving due to ‘tyranical government overreach.’