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In The News for Monday, March 20, 2023
Posted Mar 19 2023 6:50PM

·        Wrong Again: 50 Years of Failed Eco-pocalyptic Predictions. Have I mentioned lately that Climate Change is a massive hoax? Paul Erlich is, of course, the poster boy for climate idiocy. Tucker Carlson led off with a similar ridicule Thursday. Beautiful job of ridiculing idiots. Climate Change Whackos Are the Real Danger to the Planet.

   The real threat to humanity is the stupidity of these people. Again, they’ve been wrong about virtually everything. Their solutions to problems, real and imagined, never fix anything. The only thing they’ve succeeded in is bleeding the American taxpayer dry and frightening a generation of young people so much with their lies that some are being treated in therapy for climate anxiety.

   The only upside to this is that many of the younger climate cultists don’t want to breed because they’re convinced that we’re doomed, so a voluntary culling of the herd is underway.

   We’ve got to take the wins where we can find them.

·        New Rasmussen Poll indicates Kari Lake likely won 2022 election.  

·        I always thought that Janet Yellen was a terrible affirmative action hire as Chairman of the Federal Reserve and she hasn’t distinguished herself as Secretary of the Treasury, either. Yellen Not Sayin’ Again.

·        If you haven’t been following the disgraceful situation that took place at Stanford Law School, you might find this interesting. Inside Stanford’s Disgrace. An assistant Dean needs to be fired and several students expelled. Enough is enough. We need to stop putting up with this kind of puerile behavior.

·        One short-seller was warning about Silicon Valley Bank two months before it blew up.

Martin said he initially started analyzing SVB out of suspicion that he’d find weakness in its book of loans to Silicon Valley startups. Instead, he realized how vulnerable the firm’s fixed-income investments had left it following a year of deep losses in the bond market.

“They had bought all these mortgages at the top of the market and were sitting on a massive unrealized loss,” he said in an interview. “And it was sitting there in plain sight. There were a number of other banks and insurance companies with similar issues, but I haven’t seen anyone anywhere near the scale of Silicon Valley Bank.”

Losses on the asset side of the bank’s balance sheet were more alarming in light of signs of trouble on the liabilities side: Its deposits were at risk of disappearing amid a cold snap in the once red-hot world of startups. Many of SVB’s customers were now burning cash rather than raising fresh funds thanks to the largess of the VC industry.

·        The Biden Family Influence-Peddling Scandal Just Got Much, Much Worse.

The Bidens are starting to look more like a New York Mafia family than a political dynasty. Here are the big players we know about thus far in the Biden la Cosa Nostra family:

1.      Joe “the Big Guy” Biden, head of the Biden crime syndicate.

2.      Jim “Consigliere” Biden, Joe’s brother. Remains close to Joe. Though Jim stays out of the press, the FBI has a bushel of evidence pointing to years of his shenanigans.

3.      Hunter “Fredo” Biden, Joe’s son. Ukrainian bagman, known for videotaping himself smoking crack and plowing hookers.

4.      Frank “Frankie the Magician” Biden, Joe’s brother. Takes high-paying jobs with fledgling companies, and suddenly those businesses start landing lucrative government contracts.

·        Stephen Colbert I’m sure thought he was lobbing a softball to Kamala. Unfortunately, she whiffed badly. He asked her to explain her job…and she failed miserably. Unfortunately not very many people saw it as Colbert’s audience is a fraction of Greg Gutfeld’s who is on opposite him.

·        It is truly unbelievable how much this scam raked in from woke, virtue signaling, imbecilic corporations. Shareholders should oust any management that fell for it.

1.      Among the biggest givers to BLM, according to Claremont, is “JPMorgan Chase—whose $30 billion ‘Racial Equity Commitment’ includes billions in targeted investments to ‘close the racial wealth gap.'”

2.      And Microsoft gave $250,000 to bail out BLM rioters in Minnesota.

3.      But look at the hundreds of millions in commitments offered by Abbott Labs — $25 million, and

4.      Adidas has pledged $120 million. The database notes when the money is spent once it’s publicly noted.

5.      AFLAC committed $25 million, AIG came up with half a mil,

6.      the Alliance for Global Justice gave $36,403,089,

7.      Albertsons gave $5 million, and

8.      Allstate committed to $7.7 mil.

9.      Amazon gave BLM and its subsidiaries $169,550,000.

And that’s just part of the first page of this database.

10. Bed Bath and Beyond, which is teetering on bankruptcy, offered up $1 million to BLM. The My Pillow Guy is a no-go, but BLM rioters are just fine with BBB. Maybe that’s what “Beyond” means.

11. Mitt Romney’s old Bain and Company gave $110 million to BLM.

12. Bank of America gave a heart-stopping $18,250,000,000 — that’s 18 billion-plus dollars, if you can’t believe your own eyes.

13. Blackrock signed up to give $810 million.

That’s a lot of protection money to pay.

·        This guy needs to be jailed, instead Joe Biden made him an Assistant Secretary for Health. He should figure prominently in campaign ads.

·        I’d say he’s got it right. President Trump nails it: “The biggest enemy of the American people is the corrupt establishment in our own counry”…