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In The News for Friday, December 16, 2022
Posted Dec 16 2022 7:22AM

·        Good move, Joe. Look for the condo market in Switzerland and Paris to get a shot in the arm. Biden administration announces $55 billion gift for Africa.

·        Damn! Thank goodness he’s long gone. Boehner cries at tribute for Nancy Pelosi’s portrait unveiling.

·        Things are looking grim at the Washington Post. The propaganda arm of the Democratic Party has lost 500,000 subscribers and is facing massive layoffs. I can’t seem to work up a tear for some reason.

·        Mayor Bettlejuice is doing her best to make it difficult for people to know how bad things are. Blocking police scanners. Great cities like San Francisco and Chicago have finally succumbed to the years of  incompetent mismanagement under Democratic mayors. Voters have gotten what they voted for good and hard.