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In The News for Friday, July 23, 2021
Posted Jul 22 2021 7:55PM

·       Democrat spending plans don’t show any signs of sanity.

“Lest we forget, Democrats were not, in fact, sent to Washington with a mandate to change everything, but given an evenly divided Senate, the slimmest House majority since World War I, and a president who won in a squeaker. Had just 90,000 votes gone the other way, it would be the Republicans, not the Democrats, who would control all of Washington, D.C. Were this a time of plenty, the case for a splurge would remain weak.”

They’re looting the treasury because they got the keys, end of story.

·       Gen. Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chief of Staffs, and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, a retired general, held a press conference yesterday. The two managed to demonstrate one of two things. Either they are stupid or they believe the American public is stupid. Understatement. They Fail To Impress.

·       Don’t Panic. All is well. Biden’s Town Hall meeting plays to half-empty auditorium. Someone on his staff made the decision to go without a teleprompter. Bad idea. Stephen Kruiser, as always, puts it in perspective. As Tom Elliot said, “Biden’s train of thought took a detour off the tracks.”

Boy howdy, each one of these off-leash forays into the spotlight by America’s Pretender in Chief gets more painful to watch, doesn’t it? There apparently isn’t a single person on Joe Biden’s staff or in his family capable of feeling shame or embarrassment for what they’re putting this doddering simpleton through when they send him out in front of a camera. I’m starting to think they might even be enjoying this, like sadistic little boys torturing grasshoppers.

Team Biden decided that it was time to let Gropey McWhisper get fluffed by CNN again, mostly so he could once more prattle on about vaccines ad nauseam. It’s equal parts hilarious and pathetic that the brain trust running this country thinks that letting this clown babble incoherently is going to eventually be what changes hearts and minds about getting vaccinated. Whenever sane people who aren’t heartless hear Biden speak, they just want to wrap a blanket around him and help him to his chair. This guy isn’t going to be convincing anyone to do anything.


·       Did the FBI promote the plot to kidnap[JW1]  Gov. Whitmer? The answer appears to be yes. Read the whole piece, particularly the part about Richard Trask, one of the FBI Agents involved.

·       Unilever needs to feel the pain for Ben & Jerry’s anti-Semitism.

Conservatives need to put their wallets where their values are. Conservatives don’t like to mix politics with consumer choice–or, for that matter, other aspects of our lives. But the Left, as Charlie argues aggressively, has given us no choice. We need to fight fire with fire to get big business back into the middle of the political spectrum.

 A large part of the problem is that businesses fear the Left, but don’t fear the Right. Thus, they calculate that their best course is to knuckle under to the Left, which constantly threatens boycotts and other unpleasantness.

“Our stand against UnileverUSA for their participation in BDS movement through Ben & Jerry’s must be taken to next level. Do not purchase Unilever products! Hellman’s mayo, Lipton tea, Dove soap & Axe. Say no to the anti-Semitic BDS. Anti-Semitism can’t be the flavor of the month,” he tweeted.

I like Duke’s better than Hellman’s, anyway.

·       Voters apparently aren’t as stupid as some of our politicians hope they are. Two-thirds want BLM riots probed, more than Jan. 6th.

·       Who would have thought this was possible? Secretary of State Blinken might be worse than John Kerry. Wow! That’s a pretty low bar to get over.

·       Putting things in perspective. You are more likely to get murdered in Chicago that to be hospitalized with COVID-19. By a factor of five.

·       In Los Angeles, no less. There may be hope for California. Would be armed robbers shot by armed shoppers in Los Angeles.  

·       Judge stymies feds' plan — again — to keep $85 million in raid without filing criminal charges. Outrageous behavior by bureaucrats policing for dollars. This needs to be addressed by Congress as I’ve pointed out many times.

·       Proof that voters are not as dumb as politicians thing. 64% of Americans don’t believe Kamala  Harris is fit to be President. Sad that it is not 95%.

·       The Biden administration is dumb and Facebook is dumb, so in that sense they are made for each other. But the rest of us shouldn’t stand for it. Thank Goodness For Censors.

·       Conservatives Attack Biden’s Assault On Free Speech.  The Biden administration is ripping the U.S. Constitution to shreds. Its assault on America’s freedom of speech is terrifying. It is the hallmark of dictatorships.

·       You’ve got to be kidding! “Circle Back” Psaki says that Hunter Biden must be permitted to pursue his “professions and passions.”