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In The News-Weekend Edition January 23, 2021
Posted Jan 23 2021 12:06PM

·       Well, thank goodness the media has some “peaceful protests” to ignore as Antifa continues to burn Portland and Seattle. It’s gotten scant, and not condemnatory coverage from CNN and the NYT but no mention at all on MSNBC. They make the Capitol “riots” look like a fraternity prank gone bad.

·       If you would really like to make a statement that you are really woke and on board with Biden’s mask mandate, this is just the ticket. On second thought, you might just be making a statement that you identify as a space alien.

·       Chuck Schumer channels Emily Litella. Never mind.

·       Without Trump to blame, we seem to have turned a major corner with the Coronavirus. It’s a miracle! Meanwhile…WTF Joe? You obviously have never had a clue when you spouted off for purely political reasons.

·       If you are truly interested in knowing what frontline doctors have found out about the Wuhan Flu, you owe it to yourself to watch this. It is an hour long, so watch the first 10-15 minutes and see if you are hooked. It points out just how duplicitous our politicians and the NIH have been and shows how dangerous big tech’s censoring is. History is going to judge these people harshly. I watched the whole thing and I’m now not sure at all that I want the vaccine. Go to the 47 minute mark for vaccine recommendations. You can go to

·       The Cadaver Synod. A very good piece from Ammo Grrrll in Friday’s Powerline column. Read to the end. It’s a good analogy for the current time.

·       The Democrats and the Media are telling anyone who will listen how relieved they are to have a “decent” person and a “moderate” in the Presidency. They are either ignoring the public record or, more likely, willfully ignoring it. Kevin Williamson is not a Trump fan, but he is even less of a Biden fan. He addresses the subject in Biden’s Purported Decency. Nothing new here, but if you get your news from CNN or any other mainstream media outlet, you likely haven’t been reminded of any of this.

·       So, I wonder how the media is adjusting to having a new occupant on the White House? About like you would expect.

·       Biden and his liberal cadre are determined to see that the 1776 Project is relegated to the memory hole, but he can’t snuff out the truth about America’s past. In any other time it wouldn’t even have been controversial. There seems to be a determination on the left to totally alter American History as it is taught in our schools. You can download the report at the link.

·       This seems hardly surprising in light of what we already know about influence peddling. Boston Mayor Marty Walsh has been tapped to be Biden’s Labor Secretary. Since September he has used campaign funds to pay about $90,000 to a consulting firm founded by top Biden adviser Anita Dunn. Her firm SKDK has been involved in other questionable dealings with California. Nothing to see here. Move on. Might be something that should be brought up in his confirmation hearing, you think?

·       The Pipefitters Union is not happy with their new President. 11,000 well-paying union jobs just evaporated. To paraphrase Pete Buttigieg’s response to President Biden’s job killing halt of the Keystone Pipeline, “In other words, the peasants should be happy doing whatever we tell them to do.” To quote Stephen Kruiser, “I’m no United States Inauguration Day historian, but I can’t off the top of my head remember a new president taking over and thinking that killing jobs was a great way to kick things off and endear himself to his people.”

·       Talk about hitting the ground running…How about killing thousands of jobs, hurting the environment and harming relations with a close ally on your first day at the Resolute Desk.

·       Apparently someone decided that exiling the Natl Guard to unheated parking garages in the winter wasn’t playing too well and let them  move back.

·       What happened? CNN’s COVID-19 Death Counter mysteriously disappears now that Biden is president.

·       Martha MacCallum noticed something telling about Joe Biden’s inauguration.

·       Mitch may have misjudged how much disloyalty his colleagues will tolerate.

·       A warning from Bernie Sanders.

·       Oh yeah. This will change a lot of minds. Biden immigration bill changes term “illegal alien” to “illegal noncitizen.”

·       Biden to reverse transgender military ban imminently, White House says. Continuing Obama’s neutering of our armed forces. If there is anywhere we need a  heavy dose of testosterone, it is in our Armed Forces. As Winston Churchill said in paraphrasing George Orwell, “The reason we sleep well at night is because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm.”

Problems pile up for Liz Cheney. Good. She deserves them. Her response. She isn’t alone in facing a backlash. Others are already on the chopping block. As well they should be.