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In The News for Monday, January 25, 2021
Posted Jan 24 2021 7:29PM

·       I had actually hoped it would be possible to take a wait and see approach to how President Biden intended to govern, but that was very short-lived after seeing his first 17 Executive Orders. I grade his first week in office a complete disaster and one that sets the stage for what to expect. Unfortunately, what we seem to have is a less benevolent Chauncey Gardner. Hopefully, “there will be growth in the spring.” The question is how much damage can be done before the electorate has a chance in the 2022 elections to reverse this train wreck. I might add that Bernie Sanders believes Chauncey Biden is off to a good start. Need to know more? How about “I don’t know what I’m signing.” How encouraging.

·       Biden: The Job-Killing President: 70,000 Killed on Day One, More Since.

·       What could possibly go wrong here? A closer look at the Executive Order stopping the Keystone Pipeline shows some disquieting things. It rescinds President Trump’s banning of Chinese Communist involvement in the U.S. power grid. What a great idea. Here are three harmful consequences of the order killing the Keystone Pipeline. The ominous meaning of the Keystone diktat.

·       An interesting comment from a National Guardsman who has been stationed in Washington, D.C. I’d say he is right on target. The whole thing has been a gigantic piece of political theater not based on any reality and one that cost over $100 million.  

·       Any idea what Slow Joe was thinking here? Diabetics must not represent a big enough voting bloc. And, if you’ve recently bought an EpiPen, I know you're thrilled. He stops Trump order to slash price of Insulin, EpiPen.

·       This post was in my Weekend Edition, but it bears repeating.

 If you are truly interested in knowing what frontline doctors have found out about the Wuhan Flu, you owe it to yourself to watch this. It is an hour long, so watch the first 10-15 minutes and see if you are hooked. It points out just how duplicitous our politicians and the CDC and NIH have been and shows how dangerous big tech’s censoring is. History is going to judge these people harshly. I watched the whole thing and I’m now not sure at all that I want the vaccine. Go to the 47-minute mark for vaccine recommendations. You can also go to

·       Related: Governor Noem never shut down South Dakota. Their Unemployment Rate just dropped to 3.0%, lower than it was before the pandemic. Your move Dr. Fauci and all the politicians who kneecapped your states and cities.

·       Glenn Greenwald, a liberal who doesn’t always toe the party line, has some questions and comments on the occupation of Washington, D.C. by 25,000 National Guardsmen. Hard as it is to believe, there is even a moment of sanity from Paul Krugman.

·       The backlash has been swift for those Republicans who voted to impeach Trump. I expect all will be replaced in 2022.

·       The tragedy of Trump Derangement Syndrome has been replaced with Trump Withdrawal Syndrome. It is a real problem. The media, particularly, is rudderless. Continuing to live rent-free in the heads of liberals.

·       Aaron Rodgers had a few choice words for our political class.  

·       Liberals were not happy with the New York Times story on Joe Biden’s $7000 Rolex watch.

It’s not clear exactly what message The Times was trying to convey with the article. It’s probably safe to assume most conservatives don’t care what Biden wears on his wrist. We’re much more concerned about him bankrupting the country both morally and financially and leaving us defenseless in our homes while bands of armed criminals roam the streets.