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In The News – Friday, December 12th, 2014 Edition
Posted Dec 12 2014 7:00AM
  • All I can say about this is “what a putz”!

  • I put in the link to Professor Gruber’s humiliating, and well deserved, grilling in front of Congress at the hands of Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC). Here is a comment on the whole affair from The American Interest. “…the most damming comments by Gruber were not his “glib” words about the American public but his accurate analysis of the Affordable Care Act.”

  • With the court ordered release of the latest information from the IRS concerning Lois Lerner’s emails and DOJ documents, it is unlikely that the IRS mess is going away anytime soon. This isn’t a “made up scandal” and I don’t think anyone out there really believes it is. The more that comes out, the more the IRS and Justice Dept. look like out of control bureaucracies.

  • This is kind of interesting, isn’t it? All Senate GOP staff is going on ObamaCare. Wonder if the other side of the aisle will follow suit? When voters see Congress quit making themselves immune to the laws that we all have to be subject to, then perhaps their approval ratings will go up.

  • Better stay away from that beer-battered fish. Might cost you a DUI.

  • Winners & Losers: Oil’s effect around the globe. The Philippines are apparently one of the biggest winners of falling oil prices. China and India are next. The biggest loser is considered to be Russia. I assume that’s because Venezuela is so far gone already. There are a number of people suggesting that this is the death of the OPEC cartel. That’s certainly not what the Saudis intended when they precipitated this pullback in crude prices, so their reaction will be interesting if it begins to look more and more as if that’s true. With the U.S. becoming the swing producer and the largest producer in the world, I expect that OPEC’s clout is waning fast. When we begin to export significantly, Russia will be in real trouble of losing its ability to use the carrot and stick approach with natural gas.