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In The News for Tuesday, April 6, 2021
Posted Apr 06 2021 7:40AM

·        From the DOD web site. Unbelievable!

·        Trump calls for boycott of Woke enterprises. I hope millions of conservatives will heed Trump’s call and, to the extent feasible, boycott every enterprise that sides with the left. If only the left flexes its economic muscle, we will lose the culture and political wars in a rout.” We need more “Coke-free zones” like this. My home is one. It’s also an NBA & MLB free zone as well as a Gillette free zone, a Nike free zone and a few others. Love this scene from Dr. Strangelove involving the Coke machine.

·        The Steven Kruiser Top Five Things I Won’t Be Apologizing For. Ditto.

·        Free States faring far better than lockdown states in one huge way, new data show. Plus, no correlation between lockdown strategy and death rates.

·        Some questions about illegal immigrants at the border.  If we had journalism in this country, the journos might be asking these questions, but we don’t, so they don’t.

·        I know we all find it surprising that CBS would deceptively edit a reporter’s interview with Gov. Ron DeSantis. I know, it’s shocking. Here’s what he really said.

·        The car chase in Bullitt has stood the test of time, but here is an interesting update on how car chase scenes have evolved.  

·        I’m not sure I’d have told that. Hunter Biden smoked Parmesan cheese after mistaking it for crack cocaine. Remember when we thought that Billy Carter was the black sheep of the Carter family. He was a choirboy who just liked a few beers.

·        Whose side are they on? Good question. The Biden administration’s foreign policy is hardly building on the successes of the Trump administration in the Middle East.

·        The next obvious step for our woke military. Equal opportunities for Chihuahuas