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In The News for Wednesday, October 26, 2022
Posted Oct 26 2022 7:50AM

·        Who Is Our President? If you saw this you have to be scratching your head wondering how this guy even manages to dress himself. Maybe he doesn’t. It’s getting worse, if that’s possible. Our President [?] Explains.

·        If you haven’t seen any of these Babylon Bee film clips about Californians moving to Texas, they are hilarious!

·        You mean after all the hoopla…Biden’s marijuana pardons freed not one person. Got that? NOT ONE PERSON.

·        You do recall how strident our political betters and CDC bureaucrats were in screaming that anyone not taking the vaccine was endangering everyone else because the vaccine interrupted transmission of the disease. Turns out none of that crap was true. We’ve been lied to about almost every facet of the MNRA vaccines which, I’ll remind you, were experimental. In my opinion, people at Pfizer and some government officials should be jailed. People at Twitter and Facebook who censored dissenting scientists should be tied to a stake and caned before being tarred and feathered and ridden down the street on a rail.

·        It will be fun to finally be rid of Stacey Adams.

    Abrams is a Democrat in the Wendy Davis/Beto O’Rourke mode — greatly loved by Democrats almost everywhere but in her own state. The majority of her donations come from outside of Georgia. Dems pour money into her lost cause that could be spent on whatever winnable close races they might have this year. The amount of money flushed down the toilet for Abrams and Horsemouth O’Rourke is both staggering and hilarious.

   Stacey Abrams can continue to pad her bank account by duping low-function Democrats, but the rest of us will be spared having to watch the idiots in the MSM contort themselves to pretend that she might win an election.