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In The News for Tuesday, December 7, 2021
Posted Dec 07 2021 7:12AM

·       Victor Davis Hanson – Pearl Harbor: A Day That Lives in Infamy.

·       Today’s entry in the “You Can’t Make This Up” category may be the Stupidest Climate Change Headline Ever. Climate change causing Albatross divorce, says study.

·       Biden subjected to his own previously announced standard of fitness for office. Psaki glares, lies and avoids the question.

·       I’ve mentioned the French political ascendency of Eric Zemmour, who is being branded the French “Trump.” If you need any evidence that he may be over the target, the New York Times has turned their attention to him. They comment on France’s “lurch to the right.” Ever heard them comment on a “lurch to the left?” LOL. Politico article: How France Pivoted to the Right. Immigration is the overriding issue in the upcoming elections, and you can bet the Democrats will be watching to see if France provides a preview of what they can expected here in November 2022.

·       Bob Dole: R.I.P.

·       Overall sales on Black Friday might have been weaker than Bexpected, but not in one area. Black Friday week saw 687,788 gun background checks.

·       The Military Brass likes to travel in style. Flock of U.S. Military Business Jets Has Descended On Southern California.

·       British Bomb Squad expert says he didn’t sign up for this. The bomb squad was called to a Gloucestershire Hospital when an individual showed up with a mortar shell stuck in his rectum. He claimed he slipped and “fell” on it. Yeah, we all know that happened. It could happen to anyone. Right?

·       One of Jen Psaki’s more ludicrous performances. It’s got to be hard to come out and try to cover for President Biden every day knowing that everyone watching sees through it.