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In The News for Thursday, February 25, 2021
Posted Feb 25 2021 7:52AM

·       You think maybe the Democrats know something the rest of us figured out some time ago? Why Are House Dems Calling On Biden To Give Up Full Control Of Nuclear Weapons? How embarrassing. A letter signed by 36 members of the Democrat House caucus. His ‘mentis’ is too ‘non compos’ to trust with the football.

·       Some sanity from the Judicial branch. Judge blocks enforcement of Biden’s moratorium on most deportations.

·       The House will be holding a hearing on disinformation in the media on Wednesday. I don’t think they quite understand how ridiculous that is, giving that they promulgated a Russia collusion hoax for four years. One of their witnesses is the serial provider of disinformation, Soledad O’Brien. Can our politicians get any more insulting of our intelligence? The answer, of course, is yes. There seems to be no governor on their total lack of honesty. If that weren’t enough, they have invited an MSNBC analyst who called for ISIS to bomb Trump properties to testify on “Rise of Domestic Terrorism in U.S. We’re in trouble, folks, as long as these cretins retain power.

·       In case you’ve never seen this short piece from Prager U on Unobtanium, it’s worth watching, particularly now. A friend reminded me of it. It came out about five months ago. Very timely if you think the Green New Deal is viable.

·       The inimitable Judge Sullivan steps in it again.

·       Another Appalling Biden Nominee. Debra Haaland for Secretary of the Interior has no apparent qualifications for the job. Her performance before the Senate Energy Committee left something to be desired.

·       The Fascist Democrats & the Fake Insurrection. David Horowitz denounces them in no uncertain terms.

·       First the whistleblower exposed Gov. Cuomo’s perfidy and now an ex-aide is charging serial sexual harassment. What’s next?

·       Republicans have requested an FBI briefing on Eric Swalwell’s connection to Chinese spy. His tone-deaf Tweet was succinctly answered.

·       Ever heard of the Immigration Index? Someone in the Biden administration needs to be paying attention. Americans are not in favor of the direction Biden is going.

·       Our ex-President Obama just told a story for the first time about how he broke a classmate’s nose for a racial slur. To say it was met with disbelief would be an understatement.

·       Brit Hume blisters Fauci. Well done and well deserved.