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In The News for Monday, October 10, 2022
Posted Oct 09 2022 6:10PM

·        A particularly good Week In Pictures: Puerto Rican Edition

·        When the Washington Free Beacon initiated its popular weekly series depicting “Joe Biden’s Senior Moment of the Week” they were worried about having material every week. That hasn’t turned out to be a problem.

·        Toddlers In Charge. Good description.

   The Biden Administration seems to think that those sorts of fantastical, detail omitting stories can be utilized by adults trying to clumsily talk their way out of a bad situation that they created. They don’t seem to understand or recognize that they were supposed to leave that behavior behind when they were five or six years old. We have a bunch of toddlers in charge.

   I’m not sanguine about the ability of the rest of us to teach them that this sort of behavior is unacceptable. They’ve gotten their way for too long. But I do believe that we can (and must) somehow sanction this behavior. Like toddlers, they will squirm and scream to avoid taking any responsibility for any consequences arising from their actions. They will call their opponents (which encompasses all those who disagree with them) all sorts of names in hopes of getting those opponents to feel guilty and ashamed and give up on doing anything. They will continue to spin fantastical tales of evil aliens forcing them into actions they really didn’t want to take. They will do and say anything to get away with everything.

   Don’t let them.

   These are supposedly functional adults (note the modifier. However, they want us to believe they’re functional adults, so I’m going to treat them as such. If they can’t handle that, that’s their problem). Just like you would with a toddler, calmly and patiently point out the inconsistencies in whatever story they’re spinning out.       Don’t allow the temper tantrums to affect you. Continue to point out the problems. Do it in public if you can, because throwing a temper tantrum in front of an audience has the beneficial effect of showing their toddler behavior to everyone.

   Call them out when you see and hear those stories. Ask why they think that’s going to work, or why the other thing is true.

If you’re not a parent, or haven’t dealt with toddlers, ask someone who has for tips and tricks. They’ll happily share.

   This administration and its supporters are toddlers who are acting up. Treat them as such.

·        The Biden Coverup. Andy McCarthy calls it like it is and takes the Washington Post to task. As Scott Johnson says in his opening to the post, The Hunter Biden case is not the Hunter Biden case. It’s the Joe Biden case. All the rest is the saga of a corrupt and degraded reprobate.”

·        With a month to go before the midterms, Biden is throwing the marijuana lobby a lifeline. I doubt it is the right move to make. It’s a ridiculous move for a number of reasons, one being that many of those incarcerated are there because of plea bargains to lesser charges. High On Foggy Bottom. Naturally, he had to weave race into his justification. You can watch the video as he spouts nonsense.   

·        President Biden’s approval rating is now below 50% on every top 10 issue with one month to go before the midterms and the coming red tsunami. The reversal in gas prices isn’t helping, either.

·        Great news! The Tennessee Snail Darter is no longer a threatened species. I’m so relieved.

·        The Corps of Engineers is tasked to keep the main channel of the Mississippi River dredged to a depth of 12 feet. It is a constant effort and when the water level drops, commerce grinds to a halt. Here is how congested it is currently.

·        Gee. Why would enrollment in law enforcement programs be down 80% in some Minnesota programs? Could it have anything to do with totally banning the term “law enforcement” because it is “triggering” to some. Criminals I guess, but isn’t that the purpose? Good luck, Minnesota.

·        From all reports, Blake Masters eviscerated Mark Kelly in the Arizona Senate race debates. I saw some of it and have to agree. On the border.  

·        This is perhaps one of the most stupid abuses of judicial power I’ve ever seen. The judges involved should all be impeached by the next Congress.

·        I’ve seen some clips from Matt Walsh’s film What Is A Woman?. Funny and entertaining. It is free to members of Daily Wire. Watch the Trailer.  

·        Armageddon? Just Kidding. Biden goes off script. It is dangerous to have a president who is not in command of normal mental faculties. We can only hope to survive to the end of Biden’s term in office, however that comes about.

·        Loose Ends. Filipino American History Month, Columbus or Indigenous People’s Day and Hurricane Ian.

·        Newspeak. The continued bastardization of the English language. Example: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion – harmless sounding term which actually means conformity, hamstringing the talented, and exclusion of the designated disfavored categories of people. How about “Gender-affirming health care?” In reality amputating breasts and male genitalia, surgically removing vaginas and massively administering puberty-blocking drugs.